2. Transformational Stories

Transformational Stories

Miracles are usually attributed only to divine beings such as saints or so-called spiritual masters. Some people may experience them through faith, prayer or special rituals, but for ordinary people, miracles are considered very rare and special phenomena.


Testimonials presented here are shared by those who experienced miracles in their daily lives as a result of simply applying Miross.

Many have experienced miracles through which their lives have been completely turned around after hitting rock-bottom – for some, even coming to the point of suicide. Some have experienced a domino effect of transformations by family members and friends simply after attaining certain awareness through Miross. There are people who even indicate that what they see now is so completely different that it seems like they are in totally different world or even planet.

Such miracles are possible and real, and you too can experience them.

Vol. 63 “My sister is my beacon to Arugamama, to get back to my true self.”  Ms. Michiko Tsukuda, Bank employee, Hokkaido, Japan

As Miss Asahikawa, I spent the next year working and promoting tourism for Asahikawa City. I was treated like a VIP as I toured all over Japan. But the whole time I thought I shouldn’t glorify myself in this way. It was a self-imposed curse: “I must never be happy.”

My story July 11, 2024
Vol. 62 Here’s what happens just by seeing everything from the Miross perspective Ms. Y.I, Housewife, Gifu, Japan

Our daughter hated my husband and me, and about 20 years ago she suddenly disappeared from our home. Since then, she has suffered many terrible events, starting with serious injuries from domestic violence at the hand of her boyfriend. In recent years, after trying very hard to conceive, she lost her first son at six months old due to illness. This was followed by a divorce, a broken heart, and psychiatric care.

My story May 31, 2024
Vol. 61 I recently started OSHIKATSU. My husband is a programmer Ms. Y. I, Housewife, Gifu, Japan

I have no choice but to accept this series of miracles. These kinds of things are going on and on. Miracles are welling up like a fountain …

My story April 26, 2024
Vol. 60 “A world where people can laugh from the bottom of their hearts”
 By Ms. Miki Tasaka, Miross instructor, Ehime, Japan

When she was in high school, her mother disappeared. Three years later, her mother’s body was found deep in the Fuji forest. She went alone to retrieve her body. From that day, her father and siblings were forced to live together in strength. But just as they were about to do so, her father went off to his mistress.

My story March 25, 2024
Vol. 59 A Birthday Present from a Programmer By Ms. Naoko Maeda, Representative of Chorus Project, Saitama, Japan

Who am I? Where am I? I’ve managed to live my life almost screaming at the horror that emerges, no matter how many times I put the lid on it. When I continued to pretend not to feel pain, I also lost my joy. So what was the meaning of my life? What was the meaning of just living without joy?

My story March 7, 2024
Vol. 58 My Father and Mother Revived within Me -2023- By Ms. Y.N, Company employee, Shimane, Japan

At my wedding, on the first day of my new life, I heard unexpected words from my mother-in-law. “My son was supposed to marry another woman.”

My story January 31, 2024
Vol. 57 “I have transformed!” By Ms. Sakurako Maki, Care giver, Nagoya, Japan

Before my mother encountered Miross, she couldn’t seem to stop worrying about the future of our family. Then all at once, without any action on my part, ..

My story December 11, 2023
Vol. 56 The Experience of Love: Declaring One’s Role Ms. Kumiko Kato, Company employee, Kobe, Japan

Actually, love is waiting right beside you. How can we DANCE with love? How difficult is it for you to express your own role? You can only say it in words …

My story October 25, 2023
Vol. 55 True Family Transcends Biology By Mr. Yasuaki Iwamoto, Director, Child Welfare Center, Nagasaki, Japan

As I came to understand more and more about my life program, what had been a tangled web seemed to become a single thread, and even though it was my own life it was an interesting experience to me.

My story September 5, 2023
Vol. 54 ~Story of the sustainable team, Team Kibigando~ MIROSS×189 in Okayama By Ms. Hiroko Maki, Miross instructor, Nagoya, Japan

I don’t seem to even remember how to struggle or fight anymore. I just wondered how I have been fighting or battling with others. I can feel happy not due to staying with someone or meeting some sort of requirements, but ..

My story July 18, 2023
Vol. 53 Your partner is your savior ~Reclaiming the joy of being born a woman~ By Ms. Yoko Murai, Counselor, Hyogo, Japan

In the space with my partner, I can end the wound in my mind. My partner is my savior. To stop creating a chain of wounds is a real peace activity. We will let pure peace be created in the space of a man and a woman.

My story May 30, 2023
Vol. 52 True Love Beyond Love and Hate By Ms. Yumi Tani, Okayama, Japan

There were even times when I contemplated death along with my daughter, who was still a baby.

My story May 8, 2023
Vol. 51 Overcoming the desire to commit suicide By Ms. A. U, Housewife, Tokyo, Japan

I continually wondered how I might be able to die. I seriously thought about it, and sometimes took actions toward my own death.

My story April 10, 2023
Vol. 50 The world I see has changed. By Mr. K. U, Company employee, Tokyo, Japan

Writing this has helped me to recognize that the world I see has changed and that my wife and my workplace have been transformed. Many things are happening, but they are no longer made into problems.

My story February 28, 2023
Vol. 49 Everything has shifted completely! By Ms. Michiyo Kinoshita, Nurse, Kyoto, Japan

Even though I didn’t understand anything about my mother, I thought she was a failure and I hated her, and that thought hurt me. Now I weep with love for her, and she has become the person I love the most ..

My story January 26, 2023
Vol. 48 A Happy Day By Ms. Hiroko Minakami, Pianist, Fukuoka, Japan

For the first time, I saw a look of sincere happiness on the face of my ex-husband, who had looked grim throughout the 33 years since we met. And for the first time, the whole family is laughing wholeheartedly!

My story December 28, 2022
Vol. 47 A Dramatic Encounter Ms. Akina Hisazumi, Kyoto, Japan

I first met him last summer. Up until that time, I had been so mentally stressed that I had become ill and unable to work, so I resigned. I spent my days recuperating because it was too hard to do anything. I knew that I couldn’t go on like this forever. So, to improve my […]

My story November 21, 2022
Vol. 46 Loving and Grateful Circulation: A beautiful economy Ms. Keiko Nakahara, Miross instructor cum Representative Director, General Incorporated Association “Tamago”, Nagasaki, Japan & Ms. Megumi Kawasaki, Artist, Kagawa, Japan

It was I who gave the go-ahead for the cycle of receiving and giving love that overflowed from the very self of love, rather than believing in the self in front of me and courageously receiving and responding to that love.

Our stories October 20, 2022
Vol. 45 A Whole Family Experience: Transcending Illness through New Communication By Ms. Naomi Ukai, Housewife, Aichi, Japan

My daughter, a junior in college, had started saying things like, “I don’t want to go to college” and “I want to die.”

My story September 20, 2022
Vol. 44 My memorial to the past fifteen years By Ms. Kazumi Yamamoto, Emcee, Hyogo, Japan

When I know that my body is made of love, I realize that being alive is love, and that makes me grateful.

My story August 19, 2022
Vol. 43 Originally one By Ms. Tomoko Nakazawa, Miross instructor, Kyoto, Japan

When I first came across Miross, I experienced a huge sense of separation from my partner. He was like, “Choose either Miross or me!” and broke the DVD and threw my Miross flyer into the air ..

My story July 20, 2022
Vol. 42 This Is My Life’s Path By Mr. Y.K, Welfare Officer, Kanagawa, Japan

Whether I’m a recluse, a rapper, pathetic, or cool, I’m me. I’ve started, and this is the way to go. It’s not about being good at something or bad at something. In my experience, being able to do what you love is itself talent, and if you enjoy it, your talent will blossom on its own!

My story June 20, 2022
Vol. 41 My life’s path goes with my heartbeat ~Actual experience in the field~ By Ms. S.K. Child Welfare Consultant, Kyoto, Japan

Once, I felt intense despair that the world is full of ego. Now I know that there is, and there isn’t. Either way can lead to the truth. What bliss! ..

My story May 25, 2022
Vol. 40 Reuniting with my sixth-grade self at graduation - What I learned from the drug abuse prevention class ― By Ms. A. N, School nurse, Nagasaki, Japan

Instructor Nakahara said to me, “You were the school nurse who approached you at that time. It was the future you who approached you as a sixth grader. That’s why you chose to become a school nurse, wasn’t it?” “Oh, I see!” I said ..

My story April 20, 2022
Vol. 39 For the first time in 20 years, I have a boyfriend! ~Beyond the fear of men ~ By Ms. M.O, Company employee, Kochi, Japan

“I’ll get you for this! I’ll make you, your mother, and your sister all work in a brothel.” His threats and blackmail continued from there. I was so desperate I wanted to die. But even if I died, he would still haunt my sister and mother. I felt like I was in a hell with no way out, and I didn’t know how to escape …

My story March 29, 2022
Vol. 38 Through a Community Activity – My Transformation By Ms. Yukari Mitsunaga, Employment support officer, Japan

Back in my school days, I turned my back on everyone because of my own false beliefs! When I realized this, I burst into tears. My heart melted, and I felt at ease …

My story February 21, 2022
Vol. 37 The Butterfly By Mr. D.T, Software/AI engineer, Japan

“I was a caterpillar. I couldn’t imagine myself becoming a butterfly. But now that I have wings, and I’m sure that I can fly anywhere I want. “
My story

My story January 27, 2022
Vol. 36 The Corporate Warrior Who Encountered Miross
~My Family’s Miross~ By Mr. K.H, Tokyo, Company employee, Japan

Ninety percent of Japan’s workforce is employed, and most of those who work are full-time workers. As long as those people have problems like mine, the world will never be free of conflict. They wear armor—their ego—and continue to fight.

My story December 20, 2021
Vol. 35 The blood of my ancestors By Mr. H.H, Tokyo, Government employee, Japan

There really is a “proud” world on the other side of the world simultaneously created by “shame.” I also understood that knowing your true self means regaining your love for yourself.

My story November 19, 2021
Vol. 34 Any miserable life, no matter how horrible it is, can be overcome – the mechanism of abuse is now uncovered! By Ms. Mie Kanameda, Okayama, company employee, Japan

“Eventually, my mother would point her knife at us. “We will get killed if this goes on!” My sister and I ran from the house, trying to find somewhere we could kill ourselves.”

My story January 9, 2020
Vol. 33 Shifting from a life full of ups and downs to a life filled with love! By Ms. Mai Misaki, Housewife, Japan

“I can’t bear this anymore… I want to die. ”At the moment I was about to drive into the sea in my car, ….

My story June 9, 2019
Vol. 32with a video interview An Interview with Ms. Kaori Yanagisawa, Miross Instructor • Her Transformational Story – By Ms. Kaori Yanagisawa, Miross Instructor

Despite her successful business, her personal life was suffering – she could never get rid of her hatred toward her father, her daughter suffered from health problems, and she separated from her husband. Her family was failing …..

My story April 25, 2019
Vol. 31 Transcended the Pattern of “Value vs. No Value” – Newly Acquired Intelligence Prevented A Divorce – By Ms. Naoko Yanagisawa, Housewife, Japan

“How could I be betrayed by my husbands in both of my marriages? It was because of a “life pattern” which had been passed down from my ancestors …”

My story March 3, 2019
Vol. 30with my video interview The Story of a Dramatic Transformation – Talent can unfold in a clap! – By Ms. Michiyo Sunahara, Therapist, Japan

“When I reached adolescence, I had a boyfriend who I considered marrying. But when he found out that I had a handicapped sister and an uncle who is an alcoholic and in psychiatric hospital, he said to me, “I cannot marry you because you have bad blood in your family!”

My story February 10, 2019
Vol. 29 Rebirth of marriage and family! – Miracle of embracing one’s unconsciousness that is reflected in the other person – By Ms. Michiyo Kinoshita, Nurse, Japan

“I was totally exhausted, both mentally and physically, and I thought that I would kill him and then kill myself. But when I wrapped my fingers around his neck, he woke up.…”

My story January 5, 2019
Vol. 28with my Video Story Revival of a veteran teacher! – I found that students are mirrors that reflect my internal state By Ms. Sayuri Izumikawa, High School Teacher, Japan

“I realized that I was in self-denial. I always pushed myself saying, “I should be better!”, and always criticized myself. I understood that the indifference of the students toward me was …”

My story December 2, 2018
Vol. 27 End of a family breakdown – A trap hidden in the image of an ideal family By Ms. Mikiko Tsuruta, Care worker, Japan

“Even though I tried my hardest on child rearing, things did not go as desired. There was nothing else I could do and I was in a desperate state. But when I learned the mechanism of human experience and the reason things do not go well, the answers to my various questions became clear, ..”

My story November 1, 2018
Vol. 26 The biggest mystery of my life was solved! – Ending my own created drama – By Ms. Kazue Hikita, Counsellor/Chiropractor, Japan

“As I was almost giving up on my life, I would tell myself, “After all, my life is miserable. That is how life is.” And I even developed an attitude where I thought I would have no regrets when I die.”

My story September 30, 2018
Vol. 25with my Video Story “I actually loved my mother! – I broke free of a spell through my mother’s love –” By Ms. Yukiko Harada, Chiropractor, Japan

“I hated my mother. I always thought that our family will be happy without her. I even had this extreme idea that there are only two options for me to be happy, either my mother dies or I leave the family.”

My story September 1, 2018
Vol. 24 My desire to commit suicide simply disappeared! Mr. Masayuki Watanabe, Nursing Care Staff, Japan

“I had tried for many years to overcome my suicidal tendencies but now they had vanished in only one month! On top of that, it happened while I was not really aware of it. ”

My story August 1, 2018
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