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Live in MIROSS 2016 − Technology of Love – the Ultimate Technology that Humanity will Obtain −

The main annual event for Miross was held on September 22 this year at the Kyoto International Conference Center. This is the invaluable once-a-year event for Miross. Rossco, who discovered the “Marriage Code” and has developed the Miross program, shared his messages on true love and absolute peace that humanity has sought and hoped for since the beginning of humanity. more

Live in MIROSS 2015 − The Most Romantic Technology That Humanity Has Ever Encountered −

The main annual event of Miross was held at the Kyoto International Conference Hall on September 23. more

Rossco in India

At the invitation from and hosted by the Cultural Association of Jammu Kashmir state of India, Rossco delivered a lecture for local scholars, intellectuals and media in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu Kashmir, during the second week of August. more