2. Academy

Academy (Courses currently held only in Japan)

Schools are available for anyone to learn Miross throughout Japan. The “Miross Academy”, “Rossco Academy” and “Special Academy” are regularly held to offer various curriculum that will fit with your level and stage. Students of various genders and ages, from teenagers through those in their eighties, attend schools to learn a system that can change their life completely.

1Miross Academy

Rossco developed the program and founded the Miross Academy to provide a practical application of Miross for anyone to use in various fields. The purpose of this school is for students to become free from problems and concerns, and even to initialize and regenerate lives for living their life as envisioned. Courses include a curriculum customized to address issues of each individual, short-term intensive programs, a long-term comprehensive program, counseling sessions unique to Miross and other various programs.

Held in 7 locations across Japan

There are seven schools across Japan and about 150 full-time teachers responsible for the curriculum. Seminars are also held across in Japan for an introduction to Miross.

Overview of curriculum

Life Course (Japanese)

There are various patterns and scenarios in our lives. Problems and concerns vary. Miross provides the method to overcome them. This course consists of four lessons with 10 students who work together to find the common patterns of the same theme, culminating to discover “New Dimensional Perspectives” through Miross, thus overcoming any problems or hardships.

Miross Counselling (Japanese)

This very special counselling is unique to Miross. Experience the answer only we can provide. Problems will just disappear without the need to solve them.

Miross Hearing (Japanese)

This is an individualized course in a relaxed and open-minded space. Teachers receive you in a special Miross environment. You will be able to hear words that you have never voiced before. This is a course which you can experience with ease.

Miross Seminar (Japanese)

This seminar conducted throughout Japan is designed to provide an initial introduction of Miross. The uniquely qualified teachers demonstrate the essence of Miross. Please come and find out how people can actually change and what happens if you experience Miross.

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2Rossco Academy

This special lecture is limited to Club Rossco members and is given four times a year by the founder of Miross himself. The lecture creates special spatial sphere where our conventional thought mechanisms are dismantled and New Dimensional transformations can be experienced. Rossco provides the latest insights of Miross through each lecture.

Titles of Recent Lectures

  • ・What is the Miracle?July 11, 2015
  • ・Internal Marriage – the Essence of the Marriage CodeDecember 23, 2015
  • ・The Present – the Power of Will to Experience the ExistenceFebruary 7, 2016
  • ・The Ultimate Power of Humans Entrusted to Mankind,April 9, 2016
  • ・The Secret of the Power of Creation to Awaken the FutureJune 12, 2016
rossco academy

3Special Academy

A series of special sessions are given to leaders who will become the messengers of Miross. Rossco provides the secrets and essence of Miross. After mastering these sessions, continuous practice and training with Miross will qualify people to be “specialists” of Miross, including being instructors in the Miross Academy.


To those who would like to learn Miross

Currently, these programs are conducted in Japanese only in Japan.

However, these programs are wide open to people from overseas and those who are staying in Japan, regardless of their nationality. For further information, please use the contact form below.