2. About Rossco

Who is Rossco?

In loving memory of Rossco
1955 – 2018


In order to make the potential of the New Dimensional Thought Technology - Miross known to as many people as possible, I would like to share some of the many extraordinary experiences that shaped my life.

If I had not been able to recognize the great potential in my life, my life would have been mundane and simply regarded as, “a roller-coaster life” as seen from the third dimensional framework.


Encountering the Greatest Theme of My Life

I was expected to live only until I was about 6 years old. I was extremely ill during my childhood. When I lay down, I simply stopped breathing, and thus death was always near. I hovered between sleep and awareness, and could not differentiate the real world from the world I saw in my dreams. I had an out of body experience where I looked down at my body from up above, and eventually, this began to occur on a daily basis. During these out of body experiences, I started having glimpses of something extraordinary.

I felt like I was right in the middle of human history, flowing from the past to the future, in which historical events flashed in front of my eyes. At the same time, there was another tide, magnificent and mysterious, surging from the opposite direction. It seemed like the past and future were rushing toward me from opposite sides, and they crashed into me, forming this incredible energy. At that moment, a miracle occurred. The symptoms that had tormented me completely disappeared.

I did not understand what this experience (*) meant at the time, but I intuitively felt convinced that human suffering could end, and humanity could be transformed.”

These experiences had a tremendous impact on me, and I tried to make sense of it. So it became the theme of my life to understand the intuitive message of “Human suffering will end, and humanity will be transformed.”

* I later realized that this experience was the encounter that underlies what I call New Dimensional Thought Technology “Miross.”


Memories of my future

“Human suffering will end, and humanity will be transformed.” In order to truly understand this, I had to demystify the mechanisms of this world that cause human suffering. I felt that the concept of “paired opposites” is key.

In our three-dimensional world, everything is divided into two parts, and these two parts exist as a pair. Physical examples of it include right and left, fast and slow, and hot and cold. Conceptual examples include happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow, and life and death. In each case, one of the paired opposites cannot exist without the other. I was fascinated by the fact that everything exists as two opposing polarities.

To understand paired opposites, I focused on the fact that every human is born from a father and a mother. In other words, we are born into this world through the union of the two opposing energies of man and woman, or maleness and femaleness. Focusing on this absolute law of nature, I continued my research to understand the “human program,” involving human speech, behaviors, emotions such as joy, anger, envy, sadness, jealousy, anxiety, fear and motivation in an effort to understand why humans act as they do.

When I was 18 years old, my father, who was a business owner, suddenly died, and I had to take over his company. Faced with an extremely difficult situation, I had another mysterious experience. I sensed that I had another life in a parallel universe. This is a completely new perspective that transcends the third-dimensional world, which I consider “memories of my future.”

I realized that the end of human suffering and the transformation of humanity could be achieved by knowing one’s true self.


Meeting my partner

The laws of the third dimension state that everything is divided into two parts. Thus I knew that my partner existed and that I needed her in order to know my true self. I had extremely high expectations for marriage, but the reality was that it was full of confrontations and conflicts. After two failed marriages, I realized that true marriage is an inner marriage between the two parts of male and female that exist inside of me.

Around that time, I happened to meet my partner Midori. We determined that our mission in life would be to open a new-dimensional door for humanity to completely transcend the framework of “being human.” We would attempt to move humanity to a new-dimensional sphere and thus create a new civilization. We have demystified the secrets hidden in the relationships between a man and a woman* from the perspective of energy. This is the core of the Miross system, which enabled us to eliminate the human ego from our daily lives.

*The terms man and woman and male and female are used throughout this website; however, it should be noted that Miross is for everyone; it does not exclude people of any sexual orientation. Miross is about a person’s inner male and female and the energetics between them. Even if you are homosexual, transgender, or bisexual, you are made of two opposite polarities—that is, two sexes called maleness and femaleness that exist in you. This is because everyone is born to a father and a mother and inherits twenty-three chromosomes from each one. The union of these two energies, specifically maleness and femaleness, is the essence of Miross.


Completion of Miross and its Introduction to the World

The experiences of my childhood convinced me that the day would come for humanity to shift to a new dimension. We feel a sense of urgency in sharing the practical methods of the Miross system with others. I believe that it is my mission to share what I have discovered and developed. And therefore anyone, young and old alike, will be able to shift to a new dimension, regardless of where they are in life.

After I reviewed several thousand cases and have been able to prove the effect of this practical method, we completed the Miross system.

I have seen many people whose lives have been transformed as they learn and practice the system, which makes the pain in their past seem like an illusion. People have experiences which surpass the conventional human framework, such as the transformation of any human relationship. We often see experiences in which an illness vanishes in an instant, or a financial situation suddenly and drastically starts to improve, and we also see miracles that actually transcend time and space.

The phenomenon that people experience can be considered miracles, but once you have an understanding of the system and the skills to practice it, these miracles tend to occur naturally.


My Mission

Let’s consider the endless conflicts that occur in society. Looking at the world nowadays one cannot help but think that the world is at the point of disintegration, in spite of our advanced technology, and things won’t change unless there is a shift.in the human consciousness.

The New Dimensional Thought Technology “Miross” is a system that enables humanity to clearly demystify and eliminate problems experienced by applying them to its “grand design.” With this system, we are now able to transcend the conventional third-dimensional framework of being human. Miross makes it possible to eliminate problems between married couples and families, as well as educational and societal issues, wars and environmental concerns. This is accomplished by transforming the traditional thought system, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years, into to a completely new system of thought.

My role is to spread Miross around the world to advocate a completely new way of life.