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  3. A Birthday Present from a Programmer

A Birthday Present from a Programmer

By Ms. Naoko Maeda, Representative of Chorus Project, Saitama, Japan

This is what I felt on my birthday just after the start of the year 2023. Looking back at 2023 on New Year’s Eve, I believe that I’ve been driven by this feeling for the past year.

Thank you, Mr. Rossco and Ms. Midori, for uncovering and giving form to Miross, and for creating Club Rossco, a family of love.

To all the Rosscos, thank you for 2023. Programmer, thank you for all your love.


I don’t care what people think of me. There’s something I just need to express.

When I was in elementary school, my parents had me watch the movie “Grave of the Fireflies” and took me to see exhibits that conveyed the horror of the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Out of their parental love for education, they felt I should see and know about these important events. There were some horrific images and pictures. I don’t blame anyone for the film in any way. However, as a child I felt, “This world is hell.” It was imprinted on my eyes, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I was shocked that such a thing had happened in this world, and from that day on I couldn’t sleep. It was terrifying to wonder when more atomic bombs would fall.
I hated summer, and I dreaded the sound of airplanes.
Even the sound of insects at night reminded me of war.

The war in my mind carried over into the real world. If I don’t defend myself, I’ll be attacked. If I show weakness, I’ll be defeated. It created a strong notion of “I am the one who will be harmed.” But I couldn’t put what I was feeling into words and express it to my parents. I had no clue how to express myself. I didn’t have the thought process to do so.

The majority of people want peace, yet still wars haven’t ended. There’s no end to the number of people committing suicide. Diseases are on the rise, as well as fears about money and constant worries about relationships. The world is full of people with mental illnesses, even those who act cheerful on the surface.

We live in such an advanced civilization. We have a good way of life, but we’re not able to be happy. We’re unable to say what we feel, always worried about what others think of us. I managed to live in peace and avoid conflict. But in the end, I didn’t even know what I truly felt. I’m not even sure if I know what I’m thinking anymore.

Who am I? Where am I?I’ve managed to live my life almost screaming at the horror that emerges, no matter how many times I put the lid on it.When I continued to pretend not to feel pain, I also lost my joy.So what was the meaning of my life? What was the meaning of just living without joy?

On my birthday, I suddenly felt like watching the movie “From Lageri with Love.”

It’s a true story of Siberian internment, and this time I watched it of my own will.
If everything that my ancestors have felt is inside me as a memory,
I would have such deep, deep darkness in my mind.

If from your ancestors you’ve inherited the mental conflicts and emotional trauma that create war, then you must have pain, fear, and an anxiety of loss that you’re not even aware of.That’s why you feel a strong desire to save yourself, which you don’t even know you have.

For generations, my ancestors have struggled with love and hate.All those memories are inside me.That’s why it’s so deep.That’s why even if things go well for a moment, I constantly deny myself.That’s why it never ends. I feel pain.I felt that something was wrong, even though I didn’t know what.What a normal sensibility I had.

The war may be over, but the inner heart has not been saved.It’s impossible for a human being to end this horror.If someone wants to end their life, I understand why.
We’ve survived well, haven’t we?We’ve done our best.It’s wonderful, just being alive right now.Just existing.It’s wonderful.

In this system that reverses itself no matter what we do,success and failure are repeated, and in its midst, life is held together.Even while we cling to something, even while we cut off our emotions and carry guilt all around us. I don’t know how we’ve managed to survive.

They wanted to protect and save the family and the country, and I have their blood in my veins.It’s not really me but my blood that cries out, wanting to save.
It’s as if all my ancestors are singing in chorus.

But that wasn’t the point.Self-denial, self-bullying.I shouldn’t be weak.It’s violence against yourself, saying that you’re not good enough.I noticed a contradiction: the more I tried to defend myself, the more I attacked myself.By denying myself, I continued to run away from my true self.Hiding behind the cloak of darkness, I continued to destroy myself while defending myself.

Well, nothing could have gone better.If you attack yourself with self-denial as cruel as an atomic bomb, and with the darkness of an unsaved heart that feels like a black hole in the universe, there is still also the desire to save to the point of wanting to scream.

I’m so thrilled to know that this inner conflict of the mind is creating conflict in the outer world and that there’s a way to end it.

By saving yourself, you’ll propagate it to those around you.It’s an intelligence beyond anything we’ve ever known.It’s more magnificent than my mind could ever grasp.The Miross system uncovered the mind through science.The fact that anyone can do this reliably and in their everyday life,I now feel is a tremendous thing.

It’s what you’ve been searching for: a way to end the fight and save your heart.
It’s tremendously simple and tremendously deep!When you encounter your true self through the practice of Miross, you feel the real meaning of “infinite possibilities.”

I was afraid to go beyond the framework of my past and live as my true self.
But Miross practice, the world’s fastest and surest way to bring peace, gives us assurance. Isn’t it amazing to feel assured?

No matter how dark it gets, no matter how much you want to die,even if you’re

bedridden, things have truly come to an end.It’s not a trick, it’s a relief. You don’t have to depend on anyone, and anyone can do it.I’ve experienced it.

It’s a miracle that we’ve arrived here. Japanese people, who love harmony, can help revive their spirituality and create a whole new world that begins with love. I will work on that with my friends. I feel the new era from the bottom of my heart. By turning on our sleeping genetic information, and bringing the highest self-realization, everyone can live with excitement.I can’t keep quiet after learning about this amazing thing.I learned that the ultimate redemption of loving yourself has been discovered.
I can already see that it will bring pure peace on a global scale in a way that’s completely different from anything we’ve ever seen before.

To practice, embody, and express myself, and to realize pure peace is the purpose of my birth.All things are programs that I’ve set for myself in order to know true love.

I felt the cruelty of war.But trying to save the world by claiming righteousness didn’t work.Ultimate love for yourself and the ultimate saving of yourself, through a system and practice that fuses mind and science, without contradictions—with this, the salvation that I and my ancestors wanted to achieve is finally complete!

There are people who’ve given their lives to establish this. There are people who’ve risked their lives to convey it to us. We’ve finally found the redemption that mankind has been seeking for so long.

When human beings are at peace, they know that there’s nothing left but gratitude. I believe this to be a value that can’t be expressed monetarily.
What could be more gratifying?

All the battles will end.You can end them all.I, who couldn’t love no matter what I did, will know “love” for the first time.I’m aware of holding that hidden treasure in my hands.
I’d like to thank all of my ancestors who’ve brought me this far and have also contributed to the establishment of this truth and passed it on to us.

My life is great to meet the people I will be working with for the rest of my life. On my birthday on January 3, I felt that I was born into this world with tremendous determination.What I wanted to know was not just knowledge, but the way to make everyone happy, with smiles on their faces.

I finally found what I’ve been looking for, what I’ve always wanted for my life.
I will live my best life and die my best life, saying that I had the best time, that I have no regrets, that I did everything I could.

I want to enjoy my life, share it with my friends, and sing about the joyous vibrations of my life.I’m an expressive person, so I’ve tried to express my sensitivity—because that, in my mind, is to “love yourself.”