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The Butterfly

By Mr. D.T, Software/AI engineer, Japan

I’m 23 years old. My generation—born 1987 and 2004—is called the “Satori generation.” It’s made up of people in their mid 20s and younger who tend to lack ambition and desire, and are said to be without greed.

We have no high hopes and have come to terms with our current situation on our own, spending most of our time in the virtual spaces of the internet and social networking. Living in the midst of exaggerated advertisements and social media sites where we don’t know what’s real, we shut out reality and lose our place in life.

We don’t care if it’s true or not, we want to see the reality we want to see. For us, maintaining a comfortable reality is more important than the truth. In other words, my generation is satisfied with a virtual space where we can do as we please, rather than a reality that’s difficult to change.

It’s easier and more dopamine-inducing to get a “like” on social media sites than to be recognized in the real world. Never before in human history have we been exposed to so much paranormal stimuli, and we’ve become a society that doesn’t know how to respond.

Google and other IT companies around the world are collecting more and more information and converting it into data so that they can get to the answer as fast as possible, but it’s clear from the viewpoint of Miross that the easier it becomes to get to the answer, the more problems are created.

People often talk about making IT and AI more efficient, but it’s undeniable that the more efficient the world is, the busier we get.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the number of people who feel lonely has doubled in the past 50 years, despite the fact that people are supposed to be getting more and more connected through the information society.

The world considers these the problems of youth and bemoans a dystopia as in the world of science fiction. But if you have a strong core within you, you’ll have everything you need for this world, and conversely, if you don’t even know what you want, seeking the answer won’t get you there and solve the problem.
I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve read a lot of books, probably around 10,000.
However, I believe that my true nature won’t change even if I tried my best to go through all the information that could not be processed anyway as long as I keep seeking outside information, thinking that there is an answer there.

In the past, when I heard Mr. Rossco’s lectures, I would get excited, but when I went home I would feel depressed in reaction to the manic state that I was in as I actually had not changed fundamentally. I personally call this the “energy drink effect,” because it makes you temporarily high. Of course, the energy drink effect doesn’t last long.

I used to think that, even if I just passively attended Rossco’s lectures and the Miross practitioner training course, someone would raise a flag for me to follow them and I should just go along with it. But this isn’t the case, and by attending a special course offered by Midori, I’m feeling the need to be prepared to change this universe by becoming my true self.

I’ve realized that it’s not about knowing the path but about actually walking on it, such as through daily practice, and I feel that I’ve been able to take a step forward toward that goal which of course has already been achieved according to the world of Miross.

As a member of the “Satori generation” I used to put restrictions on myself by assuming that “this is what society is like.” But I’ve realized that this was an illusion and that I could remove those restrictions and build the world I want not from outside information but by creating my own core being.

I’m a software and AI engineer. To put it simply, a software engineer manipulates information and builds the world with 0 and 1 codes.

Now I’m expressing myself more and more in writing, and composing a new world view. My friends and I are also developing a decentralized community system built on the token economy, and creating a company that originates new services.

There are three things I’m currently working on.

・Writing and storytelling (producing value)
・Computer programming (creating value)
・Running a business (conveying value to the world)

I was a caterpillar. I couldn’t imagine myself becoming a butterfly. But now that I have wings, and I’m sure that I can fly anywhere I want.

Thank you, Midori for opening and directing a special course and creating a fertile ground for expression.

I feel every day that I can create the present and change society through my own expression. I’m grateful to Rossco & Midori, and Miross.