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  3. Everything has shifted completely!

Everything has shifted completely!

By Ms. Michiyo Kinoshita, Nurse, Kyoto, Japan

The other day I took a counseling session without preparing any questions in advance. What came out of my mouth was “this thing happened, and I’m wondering if this is what it means…” Right after I said this, I thought, “Is this correct?” I was judging whether what I’d just said to the instructor was right or wrong.

Then, while interacting with the instructor, I was asked, “What about the understanding that you yourself are the Mirros system?” I was told that my “questioning” was simply my ego’s thinking habit.

No matter how many times I heard the words “we live in perfection” or “every one of us is the one and only,” I had become so righteous in my attempt to live up to expectations telling myself like, “This is what they want me to do or that is what would work for everyone”. And I didn’t even realize I was throwing myself off balance.

A few days before the counseling session, a childhood memory had come back to me during a meeting. I was at the front of the group, representing everyone, and when I looked back, I saw that no one was on my side.

I realized that I’d always been like that. And who is everyone? I learned that doing things for the sake of everyone else was also a way of losing myself.

The next day I took the new Miross curriculum titled O2. The content was “the only one” and “the order,” and the timing was nothing short of amazing.

While cleaning up my house that morning, a note scribbled by my departed mother caught my eye. There is no trouble. I can protect myself. But because I’m rigid… I can’t be who I really am.

My mother was the troublemaker in our family. I called her an idiot for causing the same problems over and over. After I encountered Miross, I tried for a while to correct her wrongs. It was crazy to think back on those days. I was touched by my mother’s thoughts, and I knew that she had tried harder than I ever thought possible to change and had suffered because no one understood her. It was her story, yet it was also about me all along. Even though I didn’t understand anything about my mother, I thought she was a failure and I hated her, and that thought hurt me. Now I weep with love for her, and she has become the person I love the most.

The O2 program made me feel more grateful to my parents than ever before. It also completely changed the way I feel about my life program. I am amazed at how happy I am now and surprised at how much I have changed. I now feel so peaceful, and at the end of the day think, “I had a wonderful day today.”

I’m so energetic that the younger people at work laugh at how well my body moves, and even though I have had cancer I have no worry of it coming back. I receive more compliments and thank-yous from people who visit my nursing practice, and being recognized has become a part of my daily life.

A world in which I could not depend on anyone, even if I had wanted to, has turned into a world where it is up to me to depend on others, including financially. My trust in the Miross system has given me a sense of security and fulfillment and has allowed me to live a different way of life. Through this passage, I feel we are finally entering a great era! I continually come to know myself better.

How amazing the Miross system is! I can only thank Mr. Rossco and Ms. Midori for establishing Miross, and Mr. and Mrs. Oi, the lecturers, for embodying it and allowing us to see it. To all those who have experienced Miross across the country: thank you very much for all your support.