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  3. The Story of a Dramatic Transformation – Talent can unfold in a clap! –

The Story of a Dramatic Transformation – Talent can unfold in a clap! –

By Ms. Michiyo Sunahara, Therapist, Japan

Ms.Sunahara’s life was an example of “reality is stranger than fiction” and was full of ups and downs. But she was actually re-born by using the Miross system! She became a totally different person from who she was before when she was facing a fierce struggle. Here is the story of her dramatic transformation!

“What would I have become if I did not encounter Miross?” This idea simply makes me shiver. My life before encountering Miross was utterly miserable.

Hideous Blood

The tragedy of my life was already going on before I was born. Relatives of my father and my mother had lost assets from fraud. Both of my parents worked so I spent most of my childhood being raised by my grandmother. Thus I did not receive much love from my parents. When my younger sister was born with cerebral palsy and was told that she would only live for 10 years, my parents worked even harder to pay for her treatment. They made every effort for the happiness of the family. When I reached adolescence, I had a boyfriend who I considered marrying. But when he found out that I had a handicapped sister and an uncle who is an alcoholic and in psychiatric hospital, he said to me, “I cannot marry you because you have bad blood in your family!” I was so shocked and embarrassed at being born in such a family. I detested my parents, ancestors and my own blood. And I completely denied the self by thinking that I did not deserve to be loved.

Life in an abyss

My miserable life became even worse. When my younger sister died young, my mother developed depression and committed suicide. I was already working as a therapist at the time, and I blamed myself for not being able to save my mother and became utterly depressed. After that, I married and divorced twice, and in both marriages, I was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my husbands. Both of my ex-husbands had been diagnosed as schizophrenics. Also I had surgery for ovarian cysts twice and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In addition, I lost a lot of money from a scam, just like my parents, and ended up 20 million yen (approx. US$220,000) in debt. As mentioned earlier, almost every aspect of my life (interpersonal relationships, health, finance) was in crisis so my life was in shambles. Desperate to get out of that situation, I even went overseas to learn internationally well-known methods. I spent thousands of dollars, but things never really improved. It was simply an ephemeral relief. When there was nothing else I could do and almost gave up, I encountered Miross.

Miross is very light, not serious at all

“It is so easy and light!” was my first impression of Miross. Miross is different from any other teaching I had seen before, and it taught me many new things. Before encountering Miross, I hated my miserable life and kept denying myself even while I tried so hard to improve. Through Miross, I learned the mechanism of this world through a system, and I understood “the mechanism that things do not go well”.

The shocking paradox of my world

I had various bad experiences. I used to believe that because of those bad experiences, I despised my fate and my ancestors. My ex-boyfriend told me that my blood was tainted, and so I hated my blood line. And through those miserable events, my belief that I had bad blood became stronger and thus I hated myself even more. However, the viewpoint of Miross is from the complete opposite of this. I thought that I hated myself because of my miserable history, but actually I was the one who created these miserable events because I hated myself from the beginning. “What?! Was it self-created?” It was a paradox and I was utterly shocked! Because of this massive impact, I almost fell off the chair.

What I did was just to accept what my unconsciousness was presenting to me. I made no effort or studied anything. I realized that I had hated my own blood and denied the self all along. I genuinely acknowledged and accepted that that perception or fixed belief created “the mechanism that things never go well”. And by just acknowledging that, I started seeing dramatic changes. Before then, I had never been able to change despite my diligent efforts.

I turned into a totally different person, like a butterfly from a caterpillar

You may recall that I had ovarian cancer, but it had totally disappeared. Now I am very healthy! I am in my 50’s now, but I found through some body age measurement device that my body is as young as a 19 year old! Ever since I encountered Miross, I am getting younger. Several years ago I watched a couple dance beautifully, and I was inspired to dance like them, and started taking a dance class. My dancing skill improved rapidly, and many men who want to dance with me line up – this, only half a year after I started learning! Also … people just show up in front of me extending their support to help improve my dance skills. My dormant talent has been activated. I had a debt of 20 million yen (approx. US$200,000) but I was able to pay it back in one year! My job as a therapist is going well. I can do the job when I want and am paid well. When not working, I enjoy dancing. I also receive gifts just when I need them. My interpersonal relationships have changed so much, as I am admired by not only men but also women. The way I am valued and treated has changed drastically.

As I mentioned, Miross helped me discover the true cause of my miserable life and I was able to reset and rewrite my life program. Now that I do not have any internal conflict, what I see in daily life is very calm and peaceful.

What did you think of this story? I believe you understood the importance of how you treat yourself. She was successful in reversing the negative spiral of living by discovering and accepting “self-denial” that she had in her and had been passed down from her ancestors. There are things that we can do ourselves now for children and their future. By ending inner conflicts in each of us, we can create peace on earth.