2. Transformational Stories

  3. “I have transformed!”

“I have transformed!”

By Ms. Sakurako Maki, Care giver, Nagoya, Japan

I started working at a nursing home in April. My parents and grandmother are surprised and very happy to see that I’m a working member of society. But in fact, I’m the one who’s most surprised.

People around me may have wondered how I, who received so much support from so many people in my life, could work as a supporter of others.

What made me interested in working at a nursing care facility? I attended several company fairs and found that this setting attracted me the most. I’m uncomfortable with just sitting at a desk, as is the case with office work. And I had always wanted to give back to my grandparents, who took very good care of me. Since both my grandfathers have passed away, I wanted to work with people around their age.

The first company I interviewed with didn’t hire me because my correspondence didn’t meet their expectations. But then, as I was browsing job sites on the internet, I immediately connected with one particular caregiver.

How could someone do everything for you so well, just as you wished?
I couldn’t believe the support I received.
1. He took the time to interview me to find out what kind of person I am and what I can do.
2. He accompanied me to every interview.
3. He told me how to respond when an interviewer asked me about being held back for a year in college.
4. Then, before I joined the company, he set me up with free training for beginning caregivers so that I could get certified.

I just followed the instructions he gave me. The only thing I tried to do was to arrive a little earlier than the appointment time. After five rejections, I was hired immediately at the next company I interviewed with. I was so happy because it was the company I had most wanted to work for.
There are a lot of hardships at work, but every person I meet at my facility is so adorable that I feel like I’m looking at myself in the past. For example, it makes me laugh when I see them act just like me.

“Hey, can you hold still for a second? Don’t move!” “How many times do I have to tell you?”
“You ate your snack and now you’re asking the others for more? You already ate yours!”
“You can’t do that kind of underhanded stuff.”

When I went home and told this to my parents, they said, “OMG, that person is just like you were in the past!” and the whole family broke out in laughter. It seems that all my complaints as a caregiver have been a source of laughter for my family.

So how different do you think my life was before I found a job? Before my mother encountered Miross, she couldn’t seem to stop worrying about the future of our family. Then all at once, without any action on my part, my school’s teachers changed their attitude toward me.

1. When I entered junior high school, a teacher showed up who was wanted to be my homeroom teacher.
2. That teacher watched over me until the day I came to school voluntarily.
3. They made me want to do fun things with my classmates.
4. When I was bullied, they responded immediately, and I’ve never been bullied since.

I later discovered that this was because my mother had learned the Miross technology, which made bullying disappear. However, the high school I had entered through a recommendation turned out to be too hard on my schedule, and I again stopped attending school.

A year later, when I transferred to a correspondence high school, I could only attend one day, but from the second year on, I became the student with the highest attendance. I was then chosen to deliver a farewell speech as a representative of the current student body as well as a response as a representative of the graduates. I had become a student who stood on a completely different side. Even I was surprised!

Furthermore, at university, a professor of Japanese literature guided us on what we needed to do to live as responsible members of society.

1. If you’re Japanese, you need to master your native language well, and since language is created together with culture, you must learn both.
2. I had to resubmit my graduation thesis several times, as I was not good at writing arguments in Japanese, and it was not considered acceptable as Japanese literature.
3. The professor was amazed that I was able to appear totally composed even when he was giving me strict instruction. He even praised me for it.

Although I was held back one year, I was able to attend classes and graduate from the university as a five-year student. At that time, I met people who were working as caregivers, and decided that I wanted to work as a caregiver too.

But if I didn’t get the credits, I wouldn’t be able to graduate! I was on the brink of not getting a job! However, in the end my graduation was successfully finalized.

The teachers who worked so hard to help me get to this point, the manager of my part-time job, the care workers, and the supervisor at my current workplace are all male.

It is with the support of these men that I’ve been able to work as a member of society.
I feel that Mr. Rossco always shows up for me through them. I’m so happy to be able to live this way after having such a difficult time.

I thank Mr. Rossco and Ms. Midori,

And thank you to all the members of Club Rossco who have helped me come this far.