2. Transformational Stories

  3. My memorial to the past fifteen years

My memorial to the past fifteen years

By Ms. Kazumi Yamamoto, Emcee, Hyogo, Japan

I always wanted to know what love was. I thought it was out there somewhere. I wondered, if I worked hard enough, would it be given to me? I’ve spent all my life seeking love. And now, I can view my old self with love from the viewpoint of knowing love.

I didn’t know there was also love in the viewpoint of disappointment. There is love that never went away, infinite and unique. You can create your bond of total trust, a friendship with yourself.

All your cells work hand in hand to support each other and circulate your blood, and work in unison for you.

When I know that my body is made of love, I realize that being alive is love, and that makes me grateful.

Looking back on the last fifteen years, I feel disheartened, but I have been trying to be a support to myself. I wonder what promises I made fifteen years ago. Now I go to see the me of fifteen years ago.

I was in tears at the moment when Mr. Rossco said, “Your future self is guiding you to sit in that seat,” meaning your life’s purpose. Indeed, now I truly appreciate my ability in the past to take my seat

Across time, fifteen years later, here I am, giving thanks to myself.

This is the “art of love” that creates the power of your future self.

Take love and suffering as all that I am, go hand in hand with myself.