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  3. Transcended the Pattern of “Value vs. No Value” – Newly Acquired Intelligence Prevented A Divorce –

Transcended the Pattern of “Value vs. No Value” – Newly Acquired Intelligence Prevented A Divorce –

By Ms. Naoko Yanagisawa, Housewife, Japan

We often hear about a rising divorce rate, but there is another trend where second marriages are on the rise. There are people who achieve a happy marriage by marrying another person, but there are others who repeat a cycle of marriage and divorce. When people marry again, they think it should be successful as they reflect on their mistakes in the previous marriage and then change with another partner, yet many end up repeating the same mistakes. Why does this happen?

Definition of Happiness

When I was a child, my mother often said to me, “Men must be financially strong. All the top leaders of countries and corporations are men. Women can never surpass men.” I used to view my mother’s opinion on education and career history of men with disdain, but her words were ingrained in my subconscious. As result, I believed, “I can be happy by marrying a man with good financial prospects. ”Because of this, I was never interested or attracted to men who were not financially strong..

Eventually I met a man who had the perfect family lineage, education and career, and so I had a marriage everyone envied. I was so proud of it and felt that my mother was also proud of me for having such a marriage. However, that perfect marriage turned sour within a year. My husband betrayed me by having an affair with another woman and suddenly asked me for divorce. I did not want to lose the perfect life and with desperation, I took the teachings of positive thinking and attended spiritual seminars in the hope of restoring our marriage. But nothing worked and that marriage ended after two years.

“Beliefs” I could not give up

Despite these circumstances, my belief that “a women’s happiness depends on men” did not change, and by sticking to the belief that “men have to be financially successful” I was able to find another man who was totally different from my ex-husband, and married him. I had a good life and was blessed by giving a birth to a daughter. I was at the peak of “happiness” in my life. This, however, did not last long. My daughter became seriously ill when she was only three months old. In order to improve my daughter’s health, I tried organic food, natural medicine, and macrobiotics and involved my entire family as my actions became more intense. Then one day, my second husband betrayed me and I faced divorce once again.

I was so distressed. I had selected another man with the thought, “I do not want to make the same mistake!” I wondered why this happened again. I was very angry at my husband. In an attempt to deal with the anger, I went for alternative medicine and past life therapy. But those provided only short relief, and the anger came to the surface again and sometimes it even intensified. I was never able to get rid of my anger. My husband and I quarreled all the time. In the end, my husband left home and started living separately while we discussed divorce. When I totally lost the sense of what to do, I encountered Miross. It was the time for me to break free of this miserable pattern in my life and end this negative spiral.

“Value vs. No Value”

How could I be betrayed by my husbands in both of my marriages? It was because of a “life pattern” which had been passed down from my ancestors. “Women can never surpass men. Men must be financially strong.” I got this notion from my mother when I was a child and it was deeply rooted. Before I knew it, I had given up on trying hard and saw values externally. To me, “good value” meant “financially strong men” or “high position in society or fame”, or “knowledge”. However, no matter how much I sought “good value”, the results were not satisfying and things just kept getting worse.

But it was only natural because seeking “value” in an external reality means intensifying “no-value” unconsciously, only to push it out of the phenomena in front of me. I understood this mechanism through the Miross system. I had a false perception of “I am not loved. I have no value.” In the third-dimension, where no matter how hard we seek “value” while having sense of no value and lack of love inside, it will always be reversed and thus we end up attracting the experience of “no-value”. When I understood this mechanism, I was able to unravel the mystery of my life and became instantly free of the past pattern.

Transformation of the family

After that realization, the hatred and resentment I felt toward my husband vanished completely. And the more I understood the Miross system, the more he transformed into a man I could trust.
My husband’s job is going well. He recently started a business running a kindergarten and it is going well and has a good reputation. He is in the process of establishing another kindergarten.

My daughter is not physically weak anymore, has joined a school sports activity and now truly enjoys her school life. The pattern of hating “no-value” and keep seeking “value” in an external reality was the negative spiral which had been passed down from my ancestors. If I did not encounter Miross, that chain of negativity would have surely passed on to my daughter and then to my grandchildren. It is my greatest joy not only I was able to restore my relationship with my husband and family but also end the negative spiral and prevented it from passing to future generations.

In the past when I did not know Miross, those sufferings that I was experiencing were nothing unusual in this world, but I now know that we don’t actually have to experience such sufferings at all as we have the system of Miross.

What did you think about this story? She thought that she chose a totally different type of man to avoid the mistakes from her previous marriage but ended up in the same situation. Miross helped her take a look at this pattern and she learned that the betrayals she suffered from her husbands were the reflection of her because she did not love herself, kept “betraying herself”, and sought value in external reality. There is no need to repeat these sad experiences. And there is no need to give up!