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  3. Loving and Grateful Circulation: A beautiful economy

Loving and Grateful Circulation: A beautiful economy

Ms. Keiko Nakahara, Miross instructor cum Representative Director, General Incorporated Association “Tamago”, Nagasaki, Japan & Ms. Megumi Kawasaki, Artist, Kagawa, Japan

By Megumi Kawasaki

As I expressed in July’s Reality Post No. 9 Vol. 1 (“I am made of my parents’ love”) and No. 33 Vol. 2 (“True Abundance”), July 2022 was a month of gratitude for feeling “true love and abundance” beyond what is or is not there.

On June 4, I connected with Miross instructor Ms. Brigitte Nakahara at a recording of the radio show “Yurutto Café.” It’s then that I received an order to paint a portrait at Rossco’s Mall.
On June 8, the day after the contract for my work “The Fusion” was finalized, I submitted notice for the opening of my business, to take place on June 9, the day of the yin-yang.

I felt grateful to “exist” and live in a cyclical system of love and gratitude, with the very life and body of love itself, born from the fusion of my parents’ love in the connection of our relationship.

I was also reminded that the art wasn’t painted because I received an order, but rather was born from a fusion and a spark of bi-directional energy and co-creation in the radio show with Ms. Nakahara.

As I’ve practiced and experienced more and more, I’ve learned something.
I’ve trained myself so that when I receive an order (of love) to draw, I give myself the okay to receive it.

It was I who gave the go-ahead for the cycle of receiving and giving love that overflowed from the very self of love, rather than believing in the self in front of me and courageously receiving and responding to that love. The rest is the realm of expressing love with Art. I just enjoy it.

Before painting Ms. Nakahara, I finished painting a picture of Ms. H, a relative of Ms. Ami. Ms. H had been so moved by my painting of Ms. Ami that she placed an order for her own birthday, in July. For the first time in her life, she chose the miraculous experience of having her portrait painted as a gift to herself.
It was also a new experience for me. When I met Ms. H for the first time, she told me a great deal about her life. It was as if she had already decided to place the order. After the order, she sent us many videos and photos of herself taking part in her hobby, ballroom dancing. She looked so young that it was hard to believe she’s now in her 70s. She’s enjoying her life so much.

Looking through the Programmer’s eyes, I felt a sense of happiness from her husband, Mr. H—a sense of satisfaction that a man loved just one woman and made her happy. I in turn felt the “happiness” of the fusion of man and woman in me, and I realized that by manifesting Ms. H’s “radiance of being,” I was resonating with the happiness of eternal love within myself. I received the payment with gratitude and love. Thank you, Mr. H.
Immediately afterwards, I set out to paint the picture of Ms. Nakahara. I had never met her in person, and there were not many clear pictures of her face, so I read her Miross instructor introduction page and watched her videos many times for reference. It’s natural to want to use materials when creating, but I didn’t trust myself and found myself wanting outside information. Once I realized I was craving external input, though, I loosened up.

I remembered that she had given me a message at the radio show: “I’m thrilled to think that the sensibility that resonated in this space will become a painting! I’ll leave everything to this space. I’m looking forward to it!” When I received that message on LINE, I also remembered that I had listened to the creation of my own memory through Ms. Nakahara during the recording of “Yurutto Cafe.”

That information was this: If a jumbo jet were to fly around the world with Midori’s picture on it, wouldn’t that make the world a place of absolute peace? As soon as I heard this, the scene instantly and vividly opened up before my eyes, and I felt it in my cells and in my memory! I felt the excitement of co-creation and fusion overflowing from within!

I saw that all the information I need right now is inside me as a memory! The present moment convinced me of the goal, and from that point on I was able to enjoy a perfect process.
By honestly asking the questions I wanted to ask and expressing my thoughts, I was able to communicate within, using Ms. Nakahara as a mirror. The information I wanted was gathered, and in no time at all a rough sketch was completed.

And then there was the curriculum by instructors Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura, and the trip to Okinawa with instructor Ms. Yuko Suzuki and friends of a group called Crystal of Charm. The pure vibration of colors, the life energy of the earth, the cycle of ancestral life from the gods, and the awakening of the memory of true abundance opened up the sensitivity of my being.

Upon my return from Okinawa, where I delivered a painting to Mr. H, I was invited to a concert of traditional Japanese musical instruments. Koto, shakuhachi, hichiriki, flute, shamisen, biwa, kokyu, big drum, gong… I surrendered myself to the vibrational space of the music, which sank into my DNA.

I once again felt that art, both music and painting, is an exchange of sensibilities with God, and that using that inspiration is essentially a co-creation between God and a bodily being, a divine act of fusion. All these things merged with what was created in the space of the “Yurutto Cafe,” and with the ability of the inner father’s precise construction and the mother’s full-color sense, they were concentrated in the painting of Ms. Nakahara as the shining light of existence.

On a paper’s flat surface, I express vibrations of light, color, shape, and shadow, but what I make manifest is “eternal love,” the “radiance of existence.” It’s the memory of the eternal gods that transcends time and space, the cosmic energy itself.


Many parallel universes are born and exist around the Goddess Brigitte. The goddess watches over and nurtures each of these universes with a loving and gentle gaze. Each of the universes is connected by a bond of inner memory. Their vibrations ripple and create patterns: vertically, horizontally, expanding, contracting, becoming light, becoming shadow, communicating with each other, evolving with the radiance of the rainbow, waiting for the right moment.

This was a grand entertainment by the Programmer and followers of Rossco, a picture that evokes the “stream of the times” of a growing new civilization. The absolute universe, the fusion of my universe and all other universes, was born, and in the flow of its progress through time, I became one with the paradise of absolute harmony. I am living as a being with life and body, united with the paradise of absolute harmony.

And in the creative space of the present, I am grateful to Ms. Nakahara for her presence and her brilliance, for allowing me to express the eternal “myth of love” in the form of art, and for allowing love to circulate. Thank you, Brigitte. Thank you for raising the scale and value of my work.

Mr. Rossco, Ms. Midori, thank you for everything. I’m happy to feel the circulating energy of love and gratitude seeping into the new civilization, generated by the “beautiful economy” of Rosscos Mall. I will continue to live my life as a “Rainbow Painter,” grateful for the mission and the opportunity to manifest “eternal love.” With eternal love and gratitude.


By Keiko Nakahara

Brilliance as Existence: The revival of my connection with art

Experiences in the arts pave the way to the world.

In late May, I received the following information from a fellow instructor, and the artistic connections in my story began to revive. Megumi Kawasaki, a painter, was to appear as a guest on “Yurutto Cafe,” a daily radio program of the Miross Communication Laboratory.

Although I had never met Megumi directly and had known her only through her contributions and images from events, I was thrilled to feel the release of my own memories through this art connection. From our first phone call and meeting, the world I had seen through my parent’s eyes resonated within me, and I was completely excited.

Moreover, I found myself meeting with her in a place where Mr. Rossco, whom she had painted, was watching over us. The space, created by those who have forgiven their parents and freed themselves from that capsule, was full of love, and no matter what I heard or what happened, it could only seed creation. Knowing that Megumi’s gifts were made of her parents’ love created vibrations that resonated within us, and the moment her assimilation into her mother’s love was released, I felt the pieces click into place, moving me from a world in black and white to one in full color!

That was the beginning of a further stage for me—the start of a program of experiencing great love that transcended my parents. Painting itself is two-way energy, and the painter’s role is to manifest what she feels in space and memory as a painting. Matching this with me through the system as it is proved to be my greatest understanding at that time. It brought back memories of junior high, when my favorite art teacher asked me to be a model for her painting. I couldn’t tell anyone that I had been asked to paint or that I had painted, nor at the time could I appreciate the fact that the finished work was evaluated highly at an exhibition.

This gave rise to a number of feelings. The comparison and separation of “being jealous.” The wound of an illusion of false self-image and victimhood: “I don’t want to be seen as special. Self-denial: “It was the teacher who got the award, I didn’t do anything.”

This whole experience is just a process of returning to my true self. I’ve encountered the last intelligence of humanity and have a firm understanding of what’s changed. Now I only want to see how the rapture aroused into existence by the two-way energy exchange is manifested in the canvas through her!

This isn’t the only connection to the arts that’s being revived. For more than 10 years while I raised my children, I provided a social activity that gave mothers and their children the space and opportunity to enjoy their daily lives through art and culture.

Since encountering this new way of life, I’d become estranged from these experiences, but now my invisible connections have begun to resurface. The hands that had been joined beneath the surface of the water began to raise proudly, as if in response to the demands of the new era to come, and their value and scale will expand on a societal level! We are now beginning to feel this energy in the air.

As we were feeling this change, I received the news from Megumi that the painting was completed, and all that remained was to await the arrival of the rainbow painter’s work from the “Beautiful Economy, Rosscos Mall.” Watching my staff’s excitement and pure delight when it arrived at my company, and opening the careful packaging, I was filled with genuine joy at the world of a completely updated past experience.

This was not “me” being painted, but the very sensibility that resonated within Megumi and me in the space of “Yurutto café.” The image of “Ms. Midori depicted in Miross Jet,” flying through the sky in the world of absolute peace, with the network of consciousness as a route—that is what Megumi and I saw in that space. I felt that I was receiving the memory “now,” and that this being who lives with intelligence knows the true meaning of things when they become the past.

I also presented the work to residents of our facilities. Their pure joy as they contemplated where to display it allowed me to witness the two-way love and the richness of this technology that brings society together as one family.

One resident, who’s been staying at our facility for three months, showed me a transformation. Immediately after seeing the picture, she said, “It’s Ms. Nakahara, isn’t it? Do you remember when you and your mother took care of me 10 years ago? Thank you so much for supporting me back then.”

Until then, she had been nervous constantly. But as soon as she joyfully transmitted her impressions of the paintings, that nervousness completely lifted, and she delivered the message she’d been trying to convey for a decade!

“Strains and Reliefs”: Tension and relaxation

For me, this was an experience of “self-trust” for the resurrection of the relationship that I originally had as a memory. Thank you, Megumi, for manifesting this “radiance as existence.”
I received the pure energy of “the circulation of love and gratitude” in the eternal love practiced with the mission.

Thank you, Ms. Hiroko Mukai and followers of Rossco, for connecting us with Megumi and for being with us. And I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Rossco and Ms. Midori for giving us everything.