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  3. I recently started OSHIKATSU. My husband is a programmer

I recently started OSHIKATSU. My husband is a programmer

Ms. Y. I, Housewife, Gifu, Japan

Now I truly enjoy every single day of my life. I just have fun yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Have I become a fool? Or is this what you call awakening?


I first encountered Miross in 2008, and I have been steadily taking the curriculum from many different instructors. During that time, I was divorced twice, and I wondered how that could happen while I was learning about Miross.
But now I know that this is my program.

Oops! To be correct, two divorces and three marriages are my program. I want to pat myself on the back for not giving up and moving on to the third stage!

In the past, I was very obsessed with the secrets of men and women. I repeatedly became obsessed and was abandoned, and per the system, I repeatedly married and divorced.


When I first attended Instructor Kishimoto’s Miross Practice Course last July, I was shocked! I heard a voice in my head say: “I’ve been practicing Miross for a long time, but the way I’ve been practicing it is wrong.” It was wrong of me to give back the thing I understood to my “body-self”. I thought I was practicing correctly.

At the moment I heard that voice, my interior took form on its own. I was surprised, moved and happy. I was in a good mood, which I’m still in the middle of. Even now, as I write this reality post, I’m moved to tears.

Since then, there have been a series of miracles. I seem to have become a specialist in recognizing space and creating consciousness.


My marriage career has three parts: first career, second career, and third career. Through these three marriages, I’m opening the door to Miross.

Out of respect, I refer to the husbands of each carrier as No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. Here’s the point: No. 1 and No. 3 are the same person. I’ve had many miracles with him, and am currently practicing Miross with him every day. That’s why I refer to No. 1 and No. 3 as different people.

No. 1 is what in the Showa era we would call a triple-threat husband who drinks, gambles, and spends money for women. That’s a terrible husband.

I worked to pay off his debts from gambling while raising a baby and a toddler.

On top of that, I was physically unwell and suffered from depression.

I didn’t know Miross at that time, but looking back, I think I was trying to do these things in order to laugh about them now!

Now, as to husband No. 3, he passed the mandatory retirement age and launched a company in Malaysia this year, which he’d been working toward for several years. This month he became the CEO of the company and will take it out into the world. After completing his mission and returning to Japan, he’ll be the representative director of a publicly listed company.

That awful husband No. 1, the one I once asked for a divorce from, has changed that way! Here are some other things that have changed with him.

— Hearing “I love you” from my husband now is a bit intense and unfamiliar to seniors like me. I’m just not used to hearing it, so please laugh along with me!

— He told me he received a record bonus at the end of last year, so he put a seven-figure sum of cash into my bank account as my allowance. What a big surprise!

— Although he’s busy with the launch of his company, he takes me on trips at my request every month just to see my happy face. I leave all the planning and expenses to him. When he’s not in Japan, he comes back just for this. I feel like a princess on a celebrity jaunt.

— He pours out the words, “I’m always grateful to you.” It makes me blush.

— He says, “I’ll take good care of you for the rest of my life,” That’s a declaration of assurance that money will flow to us throughout our lives.

— When I told him I wanted to go to Korea, he created a job there and will do a preliminary survey. “What? you’re going to take it that far and act on it? You know more about Miross than I do!”

— He said, “Hey, I’ve found us a great condo in Malaysia!” I’ve always wanted to try living abroad.

—  He told me, “You are the one who makes my family happy just by being here.”  I have no choice but to accept this series of miracles.

These kinds of things are going on and on. Miracles are welling up like a fountain.

When I told the instructor that my husband, who was like a tiger, had turned into a pussycat, she said, “YOU have changed.” Oh my goodness! My ego completely shattered. I knew at that moment, “My husband is my Programmer.”

What? Really! I stopped thinking and went to the mirror world on my own.


In Japan, “OSHIKATSU” (that is, stanning or fangirling) seems to be a fad these days. If you search the internet, you’ll see claims that OSHIKATSU provides healing, stability of mind and happiness and is the source of life, among other things.

I was jealous of the fun others were having with it, but I didn’t take part.

However, this is the world of the mirror.

As soon as I saw someone who did “OSHIKATSU,” my heart started pounding and the face that came to mind was Instructor Kishimoto! Had I fallen in love? Mr. Rossco and my husband, also came to mind.

This Showa-era sensation brought back the feeling I had when I was young, watching the seniors in the school gymnasium. My heart skipped a beat.

I soaked up feelings of delight that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I realized I felt the same way about the Programmer—and so I hereby declare my OSHIKATSU for the Programmer.

My heart was pounding because I was falling in love with myself. And so it was also a declaration of OSHIKATSU to myself. The moment I loved myself, the past disappeared! Then came the “everything is okay” realization experience, and the negativity was gone. At that moment, I had the tremendous awareness that I was paired with a Programmer!

This world that you’re watching becomes a natural perception of the mirror world, and because it’s natural, you forget even that. Every time we watch the mirror, it becomes normal for our eyes to be in order, and it continues to go to the highest level.

I can’t wait to see what kind of world we’ll witness in the year 2024.
We are very happy to have Instructor Kishimoto, who teaches us all the treasures of Miross.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Rossco, Ms. Midori and all the Rosscos who are with us. I sincerely appreciate your continued support.