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Transcend space and time, rewrite the past and change the future.

January 20, 2018


Most people think that it is impossible to change the past. Because of this, some people continue to regret mistakes and failures in their past. While we cannot rewind time and do it all over again, we can use the new dimensional thought technology Miross to reset the past and regenerate our lives.

This story is about a woman (Ms. H, in her 60’s who lives in Aichi) who had an unexpected reunion with someone she had stopped being friends with many years earlier.

We can use Miross to resolve internal conflict and regenerate “actual interpersonal relationships” from the past by simply knowing the self, without actually changing yourself and the people around.

 Transcend space and time, rewrite the past and change the future

Since her childhood, Ms. H experienced repeated patterns where she became close to someone but then the relationship would sour and they stopped being close.

These relationships did not end because of a conflict or an argument, but rather because her actions of support including encouragement created negative results somehow.

She didn’t know what went wrong with these friendships so Ms. H blamed herself for hurting her best friends, and she continued to regret it, thinking “if I could go back in the time, I would act differently…”.

Then she encountered the Miross system. When she learned about “the mechanism of consciousness” in which humans’ internal consciousness creates various phenomena, she sensed that this could be the “real cause” of her issues.  And she took various classes to learn more about the self (internal consciousness).

After she began to demystify her relationships with parents, which is supposed to form the basis for interpersonal relationships, she started to recognize various traits that she had never been aware of before. She discovered that she became lost in her feelings and tried to only please her father.

After becoming an adult and getting married, she unconsciously tried to become a “good wife” and a “good mother” to compensate for “being not good enough”. Because she could not accept herself, she tried to please others to compensate for her inability to love herself. Her thought and behavior was always based on what others think and she kept ignoring herself.

The reason her relationship with her friends failed is due to her unconscious attempt to raise her own value.  The more she did something positive for her friends, the more it had the opposite result, which then caused her self-esteem to fall even more.  Consequently, her sense of self-denial was communicated to her friends, and it created the phenomena of being denied by them. It was totally unexpected to her, but she felt relieved just knowing the true cause.

Once she was able to understand the mechanism of how things deteriorated, she realized that the experiences she used to regret were actually what she needed.

At that moment, she was able to accept everything about herself for the first time.

She felt warmth rising up from deep inside her body and she felt an incredible sense of relief.

Right after that experience, something amazing happened. It was the day she went back home to visit her family.  Soon after she arrived, the doorbell rang. When Ms. H opened the door, Ms. M, her best friend from 48 years earlier, was standing in front of her.

Ms. M “Are you Ms. H?”

Ms. H “Yes…  Oh! Is that you, Ms. M?!”

She was extremely surprised to see her standing in front of her. They looked at each other and were able to sense that they still cared about each other after all these years, and they hugged in joy. They were able to talk about the past, and cleared up their misunderstanding. The friendship was fully restored.

As Ms. H started living in the “Now”, her inner conflict was resolved and the relationship picked right back up after so many years. She actually had a similar experience right after she got to know Miross earlier. She received a phone call from someone who was a very close friend 35 years earlier. She was surprised at that incident too, but this time she actually experienced how Miross could even rewrite the past and change the future.

There are many benefits from incorporating Miross in your life but the most remarkable benefit is that of improved interpersonal relationships. There are many reports, including reunions with friends after losing contact, such as the case of Ms. H, as well as the instant resolution of difficult relationships between children and their parents, the end of bullying to a child, the restoration of a marriage that had been on the verge of divorce, and many more.

All relationships can regenerate by resolving internal conflict. Miross system is a new dimensional thought technology that can be practiced anywhere, any time, by anyone. Miross can save other people through saving yourself, and it is possible to even change the world.