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Change Your Fate and Attract True Happiness Change Your Fate and Attract True Happiness

July 20, 2017


Once we humans believe something, we try to justify it. We have strong beliefs about ourselves, and it is extremely difficult to view them objectively.

For example, when children believe that they are not loved by their parents, they start focusing only on this belief, even if it is not true. As a result, they will be unable to accept love, no matter how strong their parents love is for them.

Furthermore, the beliefs they have about themselves, almost all negative ones, are burned on to their unconsciousness. Their self-esteem developed during this process has a tremendous impact on their future.

Next, we present a case of Ms. U, in her 20s, who struggled when she was young, trying to understand the meaning of her life. Eventually, she transformed her life by demystifying it through the Miross system and changing her self-esteem. In other words, she succeeded in resetting her entire life to attain true happiness. Her story gives courage and hope to women who suffer from trauma and have given up trying to find happiness, as they are unable to step forward to a new life.

Change Your Fate and Attract True Happiness

Her mother always compared me to her brilliant elder brothers so she felt a lack of love from my mother. Her desire to be acknowledged drove her into her studies and into sports, but she could not be like her brothers and her sense of inferiority grew.

“I can’t do anything right.” She started wondering if there was a reason for living. When she was in junior high school, she repeatedly skipped school. She started harming herself, and finally she attempted suicide.

Fortunately, the suicide attempt was not successful, but her despair grew and she dropped out of high school. She had no sense of self-worth.

Her health suffered and she went for therapy, but nothing changed. Unfortunate events continued to occur, and one day it got even worse. The relationship with the man she loved had to end, and then she lost her father who committed suicide.

After that, she felt spiraling downward and completely lost her will to live.

It was at that time that she encountered Miross, which provided her with a ray of hope. She enjoyed clarifying the questions she had as she participated in the curriculum and enthusiastically learned the system.

She realized that she had suffered from hardships but they were just phenomena born out of the conflicts in her own unconsciousness.

She thought that she had not been loved by her parents, that she had no reason to live. This stemmed from her inferiority complex from being compared with her brothers, and she felt a lack of love from her mother. However, these were all just her assumptions, because, without Miross, she did not understand that what she felt towards her family was just a reflection of her unconscious on them.

The truth turned her world upside down, because it was made clear that she actually created her difficult life, and could no longer blame it on other people or the environment.

She eventually realized that she had set herself up as a tragic heroine in a farce. When this realization hit her, she simply could not stop laughing at it.

After her unconscious self-evaluation was reset, her world and her memories totally changed. She finally realized that her mother loved her children equally and truly felt the love her parents had for her.

“Dad and Mom, I’m so happy I’m your child. I’m so happy to be alive.”

From that day on, her life changed dramatically. She, for the first time, accepted herself and was able to believe in her and love herself. She was willing to live, and started to explore her options for the future.

Ms. W, who had always assumed she would never be truly happy, started to hope she could find a happy marriage.

And then the offer of marriage did arrive! The man was perfect for her, and everything went perfectly. Both of them felt a profound sense of destiny, and were excited about being married.

A month after they met, she had an incredible experience.

It happened when they visited Disneyland. They had a wonderful time, and when it was almost time to return home, her boyfriend led her back to the Cinderella Castle.

He asked her to stand in front of the castle, and then took out something from his pocket. It was an engagement ring. His sudden proposal made her burst into tears.

“I never thought this day would come!”

She was able to transform her life in a very short period of time, when she encountered Miross and learned how to make herself happy. Like Cinderella, Ms. W succeeded in capturing happiness by herself. It will never be ruined again. She has already started to start her new life together with her husband.