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  3. 08/10/2015


Rossco Shares Message to the World, the New Dimensional Thought Technology – Miross,

at Kashmir event, in Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir, India

On August 10, 2015, in response to an invitation of Funkar Cultural Association, Rossco, the founder and the president of Miross Institute in Japan, addressed a large audience of scholars, intellectuals and mass media in Kashmir, which is known as Paradise on Earth, thus embarking on his journey to spread his message of absolute peace to the world.

Rossco, though he was seriously ill as a child, experienced supernatural phenomena and even at a young age, sensed that he was not a “normal” child. As he grew up, he developed a unique viewpoint and incredible powers of observation. He became able to view the world from a higher-dimensional position.

He then discovered the ultimate means to resolve the endless problems that plague society by demystifying the world’s greatest trap called “Reversal by Identification”. He researched case studies of more than twenty thousand practitioners for ten or so years, and proved that the system could indeed instantaneously resolve any problems humans face. This is the New Dimensional Thought Technology called Miross. Now there are seven schools across Japan with about 150 full-time teachers, where thousands of people learn Miross. He now plans to spread the New Dimensional Thought Technology to the world.

In his message to the audience in Kashmir, he said,

“What I would like to convey foremost is that I have been successful in my experiment proving that anyone can transcend the third-dimensional framework in which humanity has been trapped. With this, we will be able to achieve "absolute peace" that humanity has longed for but has never been possible no matter how much we humans have tried. You may be aware of the discovery of iPS cells. This is the discovery of a method that can regenerate cells. This is employed to completely repair damaged internal organs. This is a revolutionary discovery in which human suffering can end in an instant. Miross that I have discovered, systematized and then proved as a practical application method is like iPS, as we can initialize and regenerate the life of human beings. I call this the New Dimensional Thought Technology as it transcends the third dimension”.

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