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  3. The Corporate Warrior Who Encountered Miross
~My Family’s Miross~

The Corporate Warrior Who Encountered Miross
~My Family’s Miross~

By Mr. K.H, Tokyo, Company employee, Japan

I attended Rossco’s lecture for the first time in 2014 as part of a couple. He said, “If I’m happy, a couple is happy, my family is happy, my company is happy, my town is happy, and Japan is happy, then the world will be happy.  

When I heard that, I shouted “I knew it!” in my heart.

I remember I introduced myself as a crusading corporate warrior.

When I was young, I worked overtime and went on business trips, which made it almost impossible for my family to have dinner together on weekdays. Still, I thought I was happy, being able to earn money, have good food, and buy beautiful clothes and things.

However, no matter how much money and how many promotions I got, I was only happy for that moment. Then I would aim for the next post again and wanted more and more money.

No matter how far I went, I was never satisfied. When I went to work, I had to compete with others to be the best, and when I was asked a question in a meeting, I had to give a positive opinion and never let my guard down.

I found that I had trained myself to reflexively say things that would make the project work and be profitable rather than state my own opinions.

Knowing Miross, I realize there are as many positives as there are negatives. And even if you understand that in your head, from the perspective of Miross neither side is wrong. In fact, if I went to the office, I was playing a game of win-lose.

My wife and I began to practice Miross.

“What did you feel about that?” The question “What did you feel?” was interrupted by my reflexive training. I’d lived my life with my true emotions stifled, so I couldn’t reply.

Now I work from home in this COVID environment and also practice Miross at all hours with my wife. I have two sons. My older son got married after graduating from college. His wife is a full-time housewife and they soon had two children, and now they have a house. He works overtime every day to earn his living. As they say that we grow up by watching our parents, he is leading the same life as me. 

My younger son learned about Miross and joined Club Rossco a year ago. Until then, he had been a vigorous corporate warrior like me.

As my younger son learned about Miross and got to know his true self, he returned to being a kind and honest child. Currently, I practice Miross with my wife and my younger son. My usual reflexive thinking kicks in at the mention of what I feel about things. I start searching for the most appropriate words for the moment. I find that I don’t know what I’m feeling.

I go to Miross events and seminars, take off my armor, go back to work, put my armor back on, and repeat. I see some things I don’t like about practicing with my family, and it’s always a real battle. There are many times when I’m confused, but I’m quick to notice and correct. It’s a lot of work for a corporate warrior, though.

My three-year-old grandson has recently started eating a lot of strawberries and tangerines.
I wonder if he is unconsciously trying to take vitamins in the COVID situation. But the ability of children is immeasurable. When I look at my grandchildren, they run hard, eat when they’re hungry, and go to bed when they’re sleepy. They’re always living in the moment.

Adults, on the other hand, think ahead and give advice such as, “You’ll get tired if you run,” “You won’t be able to eat lunch if you eat now,” “You won’t be able to sleep at night if you take a nap now.”

Ninety percent of Japan’s workforce is employed, and most of those who work are full-time workers. As long as those people have problems like mine, the world will never be free of conflict. They wear armor—their ego—and continue to fight.

Everyone forgets to take off their armor even when they go on holiday, and they spend their time in heavy bodies without even realizing it. I’m getting to know Miross, and I’m getting to know my true self a little more. I’m spending more time taking off my armor, and my body is getting lighter.

My mind is becoming calmer, though some of it is still rough. I’m able to have honest and peaceful conversations with my wife and with my family. If only more afflicted businessmen could have the perspective of Miross, I believe we could end this never-ending lust-filled capitalism and transform into a new world.

Mr. Rossco, Ms. Midori, thank you from the bottom of my heart for discovering Miross and bringing it into this world. Today, October 6th is in commemoration of our 31st wedding anniversary.