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  3. Seize your happiness – Break free from masks

Seize your happiness – Break free from masks

By Ms. Hiromi Nakamura, Miross Instructor, Japan

I want to have a happy romantic relationship and get married!”… perhaps that is what many think and hope. But how many people have truly happy intimate relationships? Is there a disconnect between your “ideal” and “reality”? Within this disconnect, certain “tricks” of this world are hidden.

What I do not want people to know

My family included my father, mother, older brother, older sister, and myself. It was ordinary family as you may think … but, not really.

When I was a child, my parents frequently fought and it was loud enough that the neighbors knew and used to gossip about my family. I was ashamed of my parent’s behavior and always thought “I do not want people to know this side of my family. I want to hide it.” I also had the awful experience of being sexually abused by older brother. I definitely did not want others to know about my past.

Despite the fact that I thought of myself as “a miserable girl”, I always pretended to be happy and calm to give the impression that I was happy and there were no problems. I never let others sense the unhappiness that I actually felt. This pattern continued unconsciously.

Life of continuously playing a role

When I was 7 years old, my father committed suicide. Because of this, my mother had to raise three children by herself, and I felt “I have to help my mother” and “I should not cause her any trouble”. These feelings further drove me to act as a “good daughter”. Several years after father’s death, my older brother died in a traffic accident. This experience reinforced the same pattern by having a mother who lost both her husband and her son.

In order to support my family, I started working as a model, where a traumatic experience awaited. Being a model appears to be glamorous, but it was the best place for “self-blame and denial”. My sense of identity as a model would falter even by gaining only 200g (approx. 0.5 pound). I could not forgive myself. I developed bulimia and had to quit being a model. And I even broke up with my boyfriend and became withdrawn. I just kept thinking how I could kill myself every day.

Seeking the answer

At some point, I managed to come out of my shell a bit. I thought, “I do not want to be like this anymore!” and started trying many things because I wanted a real change. I tried religions, healing methods, joined women’s liberation movements, worked on global environmental issues, and so on, but nowhere could I find any answers. I was so desperate and worn out. I was literally falling apart, but then I encountered Miross. I felt, “this is it! This is the answer! This is what I have been looking for!”

By practicing Miross and gaining an understanding of the mechanisms of this world, I learned the significance of my experiences from my earlier life.

Everything is about the relationship with the self

Since I was young, I have always watched for the reactions of those around me.

I did not have a sense of self since “what people think of me” was my top priority and I always put myself last.

“What do I actually think about myself?” I learned that this perception about the self is reflected to the outside world, meaning the relationships with people around me. I learned that this is the mechanism of this world. As a result, I came to realize that my own attitude of wanting to hide, disappear and not accepting myself actually created these hardships. I said,“What?!? Were those horrible experiences my own creation?” When I realized this, I was so shocked and almost fell off my chair. But at the same time, I felt a deep sense of relief. This is because I felt that “I can create the life I desire from now on!” In that moment, I was able to accept all of the hardships from my past.

Do you think this is truly possible? When I was able to say “I am fine the way I am”, I bounced back from the nadir of my life in an instant, and every past experience turned to be a blessing in disguise.

Meeting my partner

When I accepted myself, my ultimate partner appeared in my life, saying, “You are the one for me!” This is exactly how the system works! We got married and currently both of us are active as instructors at the Miross Academy. I teach the Miross system as a “consultant for relationships and marriage”. Those who come to me all have the same pain that I used to have. But I can say without any doubt, “Everything is fine now – it is time for you to be truly happy” as I myself have experienced it, overcoming the excruciating past. As I share the Miross system with my students, I see they are able to heal and become free from the false beliefs created by the wounds. This is the reason every experience is a blessing.

Before encountering Miross, I had always thought that “someone will heal me, someone will make me happy”. But by knowing the system and “my true self”, I was able to understand that anyone can find his or her own life purpose and obtain true happiness.

I will continue to convey the ultimate wisdom of the Miross system for the realization of absolute peace in the world!

How does this story sound to you? Her experiences before encountering Miross were simply horrible. But her life made perfect sense by using Miross system. She was reborn by using the Miross system, and started her “new life” as a messenger. Maybe you too could benefit by using the Miross system!