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Reset and re-start your life!

By Ms. Miyuki Ogawa, financial planner & internet radio DJ, Japan
“Reset your life!” Maybe many of you have heard this phrase. And many of you also may have actually made a challenge or two. However, no matter how hard we think “l will reset!  I want to start over!”, it doesn’t generally happen in a literal sense. Why, then, doesn’t it work like on a TV or PC game, with just one click of a button? The truth is that we need a “system” to make it work!

My husband and I run a company together. About 5 years ago, our company enjoyed a good level of sales and had many customers.  Our business prospects were good. We had no problems or issues within our family (we have two daughters) in particular, so everything in our lives was going pretty well.

One day, however, out of the blue, our parent company went bankrupt. As a result, we lost many things in an instant, including our jobs and income as well as the trust of the people we had dealt with over the years. The president of the parent company was a business mentor to me, and I trusted him and considered him a father figure. I felt betrayed by my mentor but had nowhere to direct my anger. My husband and I had to visit customers to apologize to them on behalf of the parent company which made me feel a tremendous amount of resentment. The situation was unreasonable. During these difficult times, my husband and I did not have the energy to care for each other, and our relationship started to deteriorate.  The atmosphere in the family became heavy and both of my daughters stopped attending school.

Falling in a bottomless abyss

After our lives plummeted like a rollercoaster, we managed to rebuild our everyday lives and the company, but we still had an increasing sense of anxiety. I was totally fed up with the repeating pattern of “success” and “failure”. I asked “why do such things happen after we made all of the effort?” My internal voice shouted

“I want to be over with this pattern!!”“I want to reset the past and live a new life!”

After that, I encountered Miross.

There is only one choice!

We didn’t believe the methods we had tried worked and so we quickly realized that “Miross is it!” We attended the Miross school to learn the system and understand the mechanism of this world in which we live, and also discovered “the self” that we did not know before. All of this was totally unexpected. Miross is very light and simple, and we wondered “what did we learn all along, because nothing worked!” Miross was completely different from other programs, including success philosophy and self-development programs.  The finding that surprised me most was that the experience of the parent company’s bankruptcy was actually the manifestation of the relationship with my father, simply in another form.  It was so shocking.

A life of being betrayed 

My father was very dominant, and he quickly became angry when things did not go as he desired. I hated my father and was always rebellious toward him. One day when I was young, I disobeyed his instructions of when to come home, and he told me “you are not my daughter anymore!” I left the family with the sense of a rebel. I believed that “I do not deserve to be loved by my father”.  I was jealous of my younger brother, who is smart and was always appreciated by our father.  Due to these reasons, I looked for someone who could be an “ideal father” image, which would bring me respect but I was always betrayed at some point.  That pattern repeated itself over and over. I believed that I was abandoned by my parents and soon a strong desire of getting revenge on my father became the source of my drive.  I then began a pattern of putting all my effort into being successful. When I applied that pattern to the Miross system, I suddenly became clear about a certain mechanism that had entangled me throughout my life.

I used to regard my father as “the person who has no love and who betrays me”. This viewpoint toward my parents diminished my sense of worth. Actions I took based on that diminished sense of worth caused an increase of negative energy inside of me. It was reversed creating a perpetual false image of a father who “does not love and betrays”.

A perfect process 

Miross helped me obtain an overall perspective of my life so I could finally obtain the answer which I sought for long time. Previously I was able to recognize only the negative aspect of my father, but I was able to feel his expression of love. I felt an incredible warmth inside after I changed my beliefs about my father.  Both of my daughters have been cured, and my relationship with my husband has been transformed.  The business is now going very well.  I was able to reset my life and now live a life which is totally new.

I do wonder what would have happened to my family if we did not encounter Miross.

Probably my husband and I would have gotten divorced and the entire family would have fallen apart. I might not even be alive. Life was difficult when I was working on “positive thinking”, but I encountered Miross thanks to those hardships. Because of this, I believe the entire process was perfect and I feel grateful for all of my past experiences, both good and bad.

What did you think of this story? Did you see that “the system is indispensable in order to make reset your life”? If your current situation is horrible, this is the biggest chance to reset your life.  There is something which is the same size of greatness in that particular situation.  And it is not possible to reset your life using any other existing method or technique. Why don’t you reset your life using New Dimensional Thought Technology?