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Renaissance of the Family by Overcoming Inner Conflicts

By Mr. Shinsaku Mikumo, Insurance Agent, Japan
Schizophrenia, often described as one of the most challenging mental illnesses, affects 250,000 people in Japan and 21 million worldwide. But how many more people are affected by this disease if we include the families who are caregivers of the patient?

My treasure was born

If people ask me when was the happiest time in my life, I would say without any hesitation that it was when my daughter was born.

She was born on a hot summer day. I was with my wife, and as my newborn daughter did not stop crying, the nurse handed her to me, saying, “Here is your father.” The moment I hugged her and said, “Daddy is here,” she stopped crying at once. She must have remembered my voice, because I had talked to her while she was still in her mother’s womb.

My wife also looked happiest lying beside her. She was so charmed by her. It was the most blissful day for both of us.

Our daughter steadily grew. We completely doted on her, and so we got so emotional and cried when we attended her graduation ceremony from preschool. We both attended all of her school events. We always did what we thought was best for her, and gave her anything she wanted.

However, there was a distinct difference in our attitudes towards our daughter. My wife told her that once she started something she should finish it till the end, while I told her that it’s okay to give it up if she did not want to do it anymore. This difference began to manifest when our daughter was studying for the entrance examination into junior high school.

My daughter was crushed

Late every night I picked her up from her private tutoring school. While I was driving, she cheerfully talked to me about what happened during the class. But at home, she just sat slumped in front of a pile of homework and textbooks. The difference between our attitudes toward her must have added pressure on her. She was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. We cried and felt so sorry that our beloved girl, a middle schooler, had to suffer from such a serious illness. We don’t know how many times we wished to be able to go back to those old days, often looking at photos and videos that we took when she was healthy and happy.

My wife insisted on using modern medicine, while I tried to cure her with psychotherapy. Again we experienced fundamental differences, this time in our attitude on her treatment. Our relationship was then deteriorating and we even began to consider a divorce. Then we encountered Miross.

A ray of light

When I first attended a Miross seminar, I described my daughter’s illness to the participants. That was the first time that I had talked about her problems with people outside the family. To my surprise, the lecturer said, “Everything is fine! There’s no problem!” No one has ever told me such a definitive thing and with so much confidence. It struck me that she actually can be all right and I saw a ray of hope. Soon I called my daughter with a smile. “Chieko, it’s OK! There’s no problem!” That day was when I started my intensive study of Miross.

Miross teaches that every one of us is born by the union of his or her father and mother, and that there is maleness and femaleness within each of us. I tried to feel these polarities of maleness and femaleness within me.

Hidden femaleness

My parents divorced when I was in second grade. I was brought up by my mother, and she later remarried. My stepfather was a violent alcoholic and so she got divorced again. My father also married another woman, but she passed away, and he is married to another woman now. I also know that my wife’s parents divorced when she was young.

I have been a witness to unhappy marriages, and had a dream of having a loving, happy family. I also had an image of “how a man should be” and tried hard to embody it.

So it was a total shock when I was taught that there is femaleness within me. It was also a moment when I learned that I had lived just as one half of my being and felt the other half, or my femaleness within me, for the first time. When I realized that I had ignored my inner femaleness, a warm feeling came over me and my feelings toward my wife started to change. I was overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude for her.

Since that day, my daughter continually improved and this improvement enabled her to go out in the world bit by bit. Eventually, she attended a Miross seminar and took the same curriculum as I did. During this process, her symptoms of schizophrenia completely disappeared.

She has been completely transformed, and now has been taking steps to own a shop, and my wife is supporting her. Needless to say, our marriage has also drastically changed, and we no longer think of divorcing. We also have been experiencing amazing miracles on financial matters.

My family has been completely regenerated as a new family, and our dreadful past seemed like it was an illusion.

What do you think? You may think it is obvious that we are all born from a father and mother, but the greatest secret is hidden behind this fact. This man was able to create an inner balance when Miross helped him become conscious of his inner femaleness. This enabled him to balance his external environment. The problems in society disappear when each of us is able to eliminate these inner conflicts.