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  3. From Panic Disorder to True Happiness


From Panic Disorder to True Happiness

by Mr. Akira Suganuma, Social Worker, Japan

Patients of mental illness, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and panic disorder, have been increasing in number, but fast-acting treatments have not yet been discovered. As the aggravation of these symptoms often lead the patients into suicide, they are considered a serious social issue, and measures are being taken at the national level. Here we will introduce the case of a man who had suffered from a panic disorder for a long time was finally liberated from it when he understood the mechanism that had caused his illness.

Interpersonal Relationship in the Workplace

Before I encountered Miross, I had long suffered from a panic disorder. I visited many hospitals but the doctors always gave me a diagnosis of “Nothing in particular”. At the last psychiatric hospital I visited, the doctor told me that I was showing presymptomatic state of mental depression and prescribed a tranquilizer. “If this keeps going, will I be diagnosed with depression?” I was suddenly stricken by an enormous fear.

The more I felt my fear of death, the quicker my heart beat which made it almost impossible to breathe. I didn’t know if this was reality or a dream. I felt like I was hovering in the air, with an inexplicable horrible sensation. I then could not go on without the drugs. Concern about my panic attacks prevented me from going out or driving a car. I experienced cycles of respite and deterioration, and I spent five years in excruciating pain.

Around that time, I had been having trouble getting along with people at work. I seemed to be moving against a storm of criticism, jealousy and envy. Before Miross, I used to blame my environment, my coworkers and society. I wondered why I was the only person suffering and having to face such a difficult situation. I tried to change my coworkers, saying: “I will make him pay for the problems he caused.” “I will make him regret that.” I remember lashing out at them almost every day. However, the one that I blamed the most was in fact me. I kept blaming others.

The Miross System Erased My Anxiety

During such a hopeless and desperate time, I encountered Miross. Miross was like a voice speaking to me gently and soothingly, saying, “You don’t have to try to change others. People before you are just mirrors that reflect your interior aspects. You have only to look at them with equanimity.”

“You don’t have to attack other people anymore.” I felt how calming and gentle these words are and understood that I didn’t have to lash out at others, or to hurt myself anymore. Then, I felt something indescribable and warm welling up from inside.

While learning Miross, I was able to hold on to a sense of “observing the inside of my mind.” As a result, the negative feelings inside disappeared and were replaced by feels of peace. At the same time, my physical condition gradually improved. “I would like to know more about Miross!”

Driven by something warm inside, I soon was able to commute for more than one hour between my home and the Miross Academy without feeling anxious at all. Additionally, sometimes I was travelling for over 6 hours to and from Kobe for Miross events. To me, that seemed like it was a “miracle,” as such a travel was unthinkable before encountering Miross.

Although it felt miraculous, it is not a true miracle. To know the system of this world through Miross and understand that everything functions according to the system itself is a miracle. Thus, the mechanism of illness also became clear to me and my illness disappeared by simply applying my experience to the system. It was like finding an answer by applying a certain equation to a question.

The World Completely Transformed

My experience with Miross enabled me to find relief from the panic disorder that had tortured me for so long. My anxiety and inner conflicts completely disappeared. I was being able to lead my life not by blaming others, but by accepting that I was “complete” just the way I was.

Once I accepted myself, I encountered a woman who acknowledged me as her partner. It happened just as the Miross System suggested. When I blamed myself, I saw people who blamed me. But the moment I accepted myself, I saw a person who accepted me. What a simple and beautiful system!

Now I am happily married to my ultimate partner. Even better, we already have a baby, who is nothing but love itself. We are so extremely excited to welcome a new member to our family. As I shed layers of heavy armor one by one, I feel lighter and lighter.

If I had not encountered Miross, I wouldn’t have been able to find happiness. New-dimensional Technology “Miross” taught me who I really am – the true self, and: “I don’t have to try to change others.” or “I don’t have to fight with anyone.”

I believe that this truly intelligent way of living will surely eliminate bullying, crime, and even war from the earth.

What did you think of his story? Mr. Suganuma encountered the Miross system and understood that the world operates under the mechanism in which your unconsciousness is reversed and projected onto the person in front of you, and that what you feel toward him or her is something you feel toward yourself. The colleagues who attacked him was nothing more or less than himself who attacked himself. In other words, he had hated, reproached, and complained to himself, without accepting himself at all. They just reflected his attitude toward himself. When he realized that, the phenomena in which he was attacked from outside disappeared. Modern society may seem to be full of unfathomable fear and anxiety. However, once the mechanism controlling the world from behind is revealed by the Miross system, the world you see before your eyes will transform in an instant.