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Fate Is Inherited

by Ms. Fumie Suzuki,a part time worker, Japan

Traits that are passed down through genetics to descendants are considered “inherited”. Some individuals are rightly concerned about getting cancer due to a familial genetic predisposition to that cancer. But diseases are just one example of inheritance. Things such as gambling, divorce, and alcoholism—are also considered to have a genetic and fate-like component. But is this really true? The fact is, it is not the phenomena that are inherited.

This testimonial is about the fate of a family that went from disaster to extreme to justice.

Fate is inherited – my life has been just this.

Before encountering the Miross system, I had been mentally driven to the edge with a sense of darkness in my mind, and expressing my anger at the injustice of the world. However, thanks to the Miross system, I was able to see the pattern of life passed down to me from my ancestors, and eventually was able to escape from it.

My father had a strong sense of justice and respected policemen, while my mother was a dutiful wife and devoted mother who considered patience to be a virtue. They seemed to be an ordinary couple, but in reality, they went overboard in their beliefs about good and virtue, and believed that “Good is everything and evil should be eliminated no matter what.” The major reason they clung to this sense of virtue was that both my paternal and maternal grandparents had gone through a series of traumatic incidents in their lives, including domestic violence, drinking, infidelity, child neglect, divorce and early death.

My parents watched the married lives of their parents, and promised themselves that “We will never have the miserable married life that our parents had. We will raise a loving and happy family.” However, the reality was that my mother continued to blame herself and my father continued to blame others.

“Why was our family unable to find happiness?”

It was the Miross system that helped me understand the reason.

The Miross system exposed this pattern.

Everything in this world exists as a pair and based on balance. It was natural that my parents considered good and justice as their moral compass. But in a system where one side of a pair cannot exist without the other side, the opposites of good and justice, specifically, evil and injustice, exist in the same proportion at an unconscious level. In my parents’ case too, they grew proportionally, and eventually burst into their world. This is how this world works.

The tenet that they followed, “Good is everything and evil should be eliminated,” was actually reversed and as a result, it kept appearing in front of their eyes. Furthermore, in spite of their rightful intentions, ironically they not only ended up in difficult situations but also dragged the people around them into the fray.

My father, who did not understand this system, was tormented with the world in front of him, but he did not show it outward, and he kept the façade of a good person. However, he abused my mother and me at home. On the other hand, my mother, who could not blame others, continued to blame herself.

At that time, I did not understand the system either. I firmly believed that I must be a sinner because I had been scolded by my father, who was a good person with a strong sense of justice. As a result, I started to hate myself. I pretended to be a good person and devoted myself to convincing others that I was Ms. Perfect, as clean as the driven snow.

Looking back now, I can see that I was living my life just as my father had. He hated his grandparents’ way of life and tried to choose the opposite. Likewise, the conflict between the two polarities inside of me caused unnecessary suffering.

This pattern will no longer be repeated.

The Miross system taught me that it is futile to consider one’s parents as good examples of what not to do. Once I was able to gain some perspective on my parents’ and grandparents’ lives from a higher point of view, I realized that they simply repeated the same pattern, as they slid from one polarity to the other without changing a thing. When I escaped this chain of negativity, I was able to end the pattern that was carried down through generations.

Before I encountered the Miross system, I was constantly angry about the unjust world. However, after I learned that the external world was simply a reflection of my inner imbalance and conflicts between two opposing polarities, I was able to free myself and thus regain true peace and security.

What do you think of this story? You now are able to realize what she actually inherited: a way of life, rejecting evil and only accepting the notion of good is everything. Without Miross, she would never have been able to understand this pattern. New Dimensional Thought Technology “Miross” ended the cycle of negativity of her life. At the same time, she was able to create a bright future, one where she will never experience the same painful pattern that caused so much suffering in the past.