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  3. Ending Depression in an Instant!

Ending Depression in an Instant!

By Ms. Kaoru Ueno, Vineyard manager, Japan

What did you think about the video? You may ask, “Was she really suffering from depression before?” She now has completely transformed and lives a charmed life as you could see in the video.

She was able to clarify the reasons why she suffered from severe depression by practicing Miross and was completely able to end her depression. As she also mentioned, she now can confidently say that she could face anything in the future. This is because she has gained the viewpoint of Miross and knows how to apply it in her daily life.

Since her marriage ten years ago, she focused on being a good wife and mother, and never was able to focus on herself. She always acted to please her parents-in-law, husband and children.

She lived her life based on the standards of other people. We often lead our life, believing that what we do is good for other people but we are not aware that our actions may neglect our own values and existence. This is one of the biggest traps. But she was able to see that once she started practicing the Miross system. Just imagine what would have happened to her if she had not had a chance to study Miross. This life pattern would have been perpetuated and she would have continued to suffered with depression. With Miross you can obtain a higher-dimensional viewpoint and understand the mechanisms of this world. This is why you can completely reset your life.