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  3. ~Story of the sustainable team, Team Kibigando~ MIROSS×189 in Okayama

~Story of the sustainable team, Team Kibigando~ MIROSS×189 in Okayama

By Ms. Hiroko Maki, Miross instructor, Nagoya, Japan

On April 29, I gave a lecture as an instructor of solving urgent issues related to violence including bullying for a co-creation project called Miross x 189, part of the Team Expo Osaka 2025 Challenge. Team Kibidango was created by combining two groups in Okayama. Okayama city is the birthplace of Momotaro, a popular hero who slayed the ogre in Japanese folklore, and the members’ genuine motivation to create a city free of bullying and violence sprouted determined will in each of them.

Thanks to accomplishments up until now for Team Noah and Team in Kyoto, they took advantage of their characteristics. For example, one member of the team just mentioned that it would be nice to be connected to people involved in the city’s child consultation center, and the idea was materialized instantly into reality exactly as intended. Similarly, we were approached by different groups and people for collaborations as if they had been waiting for us for decades. It seemed our firm intention to address these issues was simply and naturally creating events like stories to be told based on our memories.

Whether they are people who are accustomed to sharing the wisdom of Miross or those who were strangers to it, they are being connected to other people through their genuine sense of happiness. They work steadily with the belief that their actions would produce an entire world of love and gratitude. Believe or not, these members were those who used to be isolated from society always feeling lonely in the past. That is even why they became so close to their purpose of life. That is their Program.

Flyers for the program spread the message that no one would be left on their own, and featured a picture of the husband and daughter of team members shaking hands. A specially designed logo portrayed a circle of four characters—Momotaro, a dog, a monkey and a pheasant—representing the slaying not of ogres but of bullying and violence.

At the event, I discussed how inhuman and impulsive behaviors are produced, a topic I’ve been researching for some time. Becoming an instructor in the clarification of intractable issues was directly inspired the inexplicable actions of my daughter, which had long worried me.

If those issues had been with my husband, I might have divorced him. But I couldn’t abandon my daughter, so I had no choice but to suffer through it. This past despair has brought me to a longed-for life full of hope, which humanity has longed for.

Father figure that appears in movie 189 is one of those twisted people who take pleasure in the pain of others. He feels so adorable for his daughter, but at the same time the feeling itself would cause the immoral behaviors impulsively, the complete opposite to how he feels. He simply must have loved his baby when she was born, but what kind of trigger could have turned him into such a person, and when?

How about the mother figure in movie 189? The wife is intimidated by her husband, but doesn’t leave from him despite having many chances to escape with the child while he’s a work. What makes her push aside her protective feelings for her children? I clarified this based on demonstrating the balance of front and back (positive and negative).

One incident where a girl in Okayama city died as a result of violence is still fresh in our memory. She was six years old at the time, and her name was Mao, which means “true love” in Japanese writing. What message did her very short life leave for society? It’s frightening that because we humans don’t know what true love is, our desire to satisfy a sense of inadequacy can unconsciously cause such negative situations through dependent and collusive relationships. Upon realizing this, I sensed deeply also based on my past experiences that the future of children relies on putting an end to the formation of parents such as those in the movie.

The truth is, I was once one of those parents who is notified by a child consultation center. I had been subjected to violence on the part of my daughter, who was almost always rebellious and insensitive to the feelings of others. It was hard for me to handle her, because I had been such an obedient child. And one snowy day, the anger and suffering inside me reached a limit. I couldn’t stop myself from locking her out on the building’s balcony.

She shouted so loudly that I imagined her voice could be heard a kilometer away. “Open it!” Immediately, the doorbell rang. That sound made me come to my senses, and I unlocked the door. A neighbor I had never seen before must have heard the shouting and rushed to come. Afterwards, that neighbor moved away.

The very next day, two men from the child consultation center came to check out the situation. But satisfied that my daughter was seeing a child psychiatrist, they soon left—without providing any support to me.
Some parents come to fear their own impulses to attack their children.

Today, new laws ban mental and physical violence to children regardless of how badly a child misbehaves. But who protects the mental state of parents? I was left to guard myself. In actuality the management of my mentality was the only way we can protect myself and child. Several members of a community group who were trying to put an end to violence seemed to come naturally to the desire to learn Miross.

Three members talked about their experiences transcending difficulties through Miross. This reinforced the idea that everyone can regenerate their own family through new consciousness by understanding that all reality is created due to my own veiled consciousness rather than the situation around them. This made me happy and satisfied throughout the event.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t part of the team, they arranged to create the role of instructor. I know that I exist on a new stage where everything has already been prepared for me. What the event will be like on that very day from the point of view that the start and goal exist simultaneously? Each member of the team broke through their barriers and their power, talent and characteristics were released as those who inherited Rossco’s will. It was amazing to see such a world being created through their integration. It also was a series of absolute inspirations.

The next day, we took a short trip to Kino castle, which related to the Momotaro story. Despite a forecast of rain, a rainbow and iridescent clouds appeared. I had never before had such a strange sensation. I don’t seem to even remember how to struggle or fight anymore. I just wondered how I have been fighting or battling with others. I can feel happy not due to staying with someone or meeting some sort of requirements, but because of the world created through the fusion between the subject and object in front of me, and that is the world where there is nothing to sacrifice, the world of perpetual peace. I truly realized that this is the only place where sustainable happiness can be found.

Later, I talked about what I experienced there to my daughter, who used to cause trouble but is on the side of supporting what I do now. She told me, “Oh Mom, that’s because you put an end to conflict in your inner self”.
Actually, I had already seen that conversation with my daughter as a memory in the future. From that viewpoint, I, who had been suffering darkness and despair, now have a ticket to perpetual happiness. Everyone holds memories of the future. I came into the world to tell people that everyone can recreate their own life. Transmitting my experience overcoming difficulties itself heals me. That is why, the people before me also feel healed. I have a mission to share the delight of living in the cycle of happiness.

By the way, at the end of event, members of the team handed out Kibidango sweets, which it’s said Momotaro ate before slaying the ogre. Some people volunteered, “The Kibidango sweet gave me energy to continue with this project, not only as participants but also as organizers.” There were also requests for the event to be held in their home towns.

Not just this project but many others related to those who inherited Rossco’s (Rosscos) will are producing people who want to co-create, and the foreshadowing in the scenario means it will go well. We’ll be able to experience reality by spreading our message. Not just one person but all people together will try it, creating a remarkable reality. I’ll do my best to spread my message based on my experiences until Japan Expo 2023 though only few days are left until the event.

It is about the memory, the memory of the unprecedented world, true peace on brand new earth that will be created by the fusion of inner own selves, of Rosscos. I will further advance in my crusade by keeping in mind who wrote this story. Thank you for everything, Mr. Rossco and Midori san. Thank you for your support, Team Kibidango. Thank you also for serving as a bridge between us, Ms. Okaijma.