2. Miross Program

“New Dimensional Thought Technology Miross”

Dawn of New Dimensional Civilization
– A Union of Leading-edge Technology and Ancient Wisdom –

“VR (Virtual Reality)”, a technology which enables us to enter a virtual world and experience it as if it was real, and “AR (Augmented Reality)”, a technology that enhances the real world by making virtual information visible in real space. There is also a technology that manifests a science fiction-like world, which is called compound reality. New types of technology are also being developed. In the continuously thriving game entertainment, medical, nursing care, and service industries, we will see more utilization of such technologies as an innovation in response to the needs of society. Development of MR [mixed reality] technology that turns a virtual world into reality and produces interaction between these worlds may lead to a scenario found in the movie “Matrix” (trilogy since 1999t) sooner than we think.

While our daily life has become more convenient thanks to technologies which are making the most of computer programs, there are still plenty of unresolved issues and problems all over the world. Despite the evolution of information technology, it is still a fantasy to make issues and problems clear or reset with the click of a button. As programming is freely done using the source code in the computer world, if we could have such source code in our reality, maybe we could have more freedom… But maybe no one has come up with such a radical idea to freely control the code and program the life as desired.

However, one person has decoded this source code. He did it like the hero in the movie “Matrix” or a genius hacker who controls the computer world. This person is the man called “Rossco”, who has decoded the consciousness, which is the source of everything (structure of consciousness) in the matrix world called the third-dimensional space.

Third-dimensional space is like a virtual world that manifests by projecting the information we unconsciously provide, and in which we can have a variety of experiences. By identifying the self with the ego, our unconscious is reversed in the space and processes based on thought patterns (data in the past). Because of this, only the hidden aspects of ourselves in unconscious can be focused if we keep identifying ourselves with the ego. Therefore, the entire picture (true code of consciousness) becomes our blind spot.

It becomes possible to escape from an illusion that was created by our egos objectively viewing the space structure and how the ego functions by using the code of consciousness. If we have a new point of view, we can understand how we are influenced by thought patterns and can find the answers for resolving problems completely. It means we can have a comprehensive view that includes the heretofore blind spot.

This code of consciousness is presented as “New Dimensional Thought Technology Miross” to people all over the world. It has proved that reality can instantly transform, simply by checking our consciousness against the system structure.

Miross is not virtual reality that is reproduced by using computers. It simply uses new dimensional consciousness that transcends computers in order to transform the real space. We can resolve and reset any issue by using this technology. This new program is now available to society. The dynamism and effect of “New Dimensional Thought Technology Miross” that transcends this third-dimensional world continues to evolve and significant experiences have been spreading throughout the world. You may wonder what kind of changes have been taking place? Let us provide some examples of “New Dimensional Reality”.

  • The minute they realize that life that does not go as planned, people have become free from suffering and everything turned around from there.
  • An elementary school student stopped being bullied after understanding “the mechanism of bullying/why it happens” and made many friends soon after.
  • A schoolmaster solved problems that were happening among teachers and students.
  • Negative spirals of physical and mental illness that were repeated over many generations finally came to an end.
  • A business owner was able to fix his financial problems (debt) and saved his struggling company instantly, and ultimately turning his company around.
  • One person was able to eliminate all of their sadness and guilt by going beyond time and space, assisted by going back to the past.
  • A person who been hurt in a romantic relationship was able to heal and resolve the internal conflict. This story ended happily in a new relationship followed by marriage.
  • A couple saved their marriage, which had been completely crushed.
  • A person on the verge of suicide was able to totally heal.
  • An incurable disease disappeared instantly.
  • This transformation causes a chain reaction to help restore family and other interpersonal relationships.

As mentioned above, many people have started a new way of living where things go as desired and have been able to restore their internal balance by adopting a new point of view. This has given rise to a new dimensional society. We have been receiving reports and amazing messages from all over the world on a daily basis. Transformation in human consciousness (micro) has been expanding. This transition to a new dimension does not require difficult sacrifices or severe training. And this new dimensional technology is not just for certain people. This is the center of creation, which everyone can experience.

Miross is a cutting-edge technology that uses human consciousness, but it is also connected with ancient wisdom (the principle of life). These days, our internal world (back) has been rapidly coming out to the external world or reality (front). A dynamic turnaround is taking place, and things are in the process of changing to something totally different. Understanding “New Dimensional Thought Technology Miross”, which arose during this time of tremendous transition, also means going back to ancient wisdom. Third-dimensional space, going beyond time (past and future), are the “missing link” of mystical timing, which has been the biggest enigma for human evolution.

With the the arrival of new dimensional civilization,– “New Dimensional Thought Technology Miross”, we sincerely hope that the world changes and brings about a society of “absolute peace”.