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Vol. 5 The Identity of the Avoider by Ms. Keiko Higashiyama, Wedding Planner, Japan

“When I was able to identify who the Avoider really was (see below), I was not only shocked by this realization but was also filled with an incredible feeling of freedom. I also realized that nobody, including my father, mother, husband, or even myself, was to blame. It was simply because all of these people did not know the “system”.”

My story October 25, 2016
Vol. 4 The Truth about Anger by Mr. Yoichi Tsukuda, Dairy Farmer, Japan

“My father started a dairy farm, I carried it on, and my son is now helping me. This may sound like our family are happy farmers,
but there was a deep conflict between my father and I for 50 years. However, Miross brought an end to the conflict and changed
it to true love”.

My story September 28, 2016
Vol. 3 From Panic Disorder to True Happiness by Mr. Akira Suganuma, Social Worker, Japan

“You don’t have to attack other people anymore.” I felt how calming and gentle these words are and understood that
I didn’t have to lash out at others, or to hurt myself anymore. Then, I felt something indescribable and warm welling up
from inside”.

My story August 31, 2016
Vol. 2 Dealing with My Stalker by Ms. Yoshiko Fujimoto, Construction Company Staff, Japan

“He then practically started to monitor every move of my life; I had to email him after
I got up, after work, and then call as soon as I got home. I was even obligated to report
to him when I ate, took a bath and who I talked with”.

My story August 10, 2016
Vol. 1 Get Rid of Those Old Thought Patterns! Partnerships Have Infinite Possibilities! by Saori Miyasaka, Corporate Executive, Japan

“When I was about to file the divorce papers for the third or really the last time, I thought,
I encountered Miross. Only much later, I realized that Miross saved our marriage”.

My story July 20, 2016
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