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Vol. 4 The Truth about Anger by Mr. Yoichi Tsukuda, Dairy Farmer, Japan

“My father started a dairy farm, I carried it on, and my son is now helping me. This may sound like our family are happy farmers,
but there was a deep conflict between my father and I for 50 years. However, Miross brought an end to the conflict and changed
it to true love”.

My story September 28, 2016
Vol. 3 From Panic Disorder to True Happiness by Mr. Akira Suganuma, Social Worker, Japan

“You don’t have to attack other people anymore.” I felt how calming and gentle these words are and understood that
I didn’t have to lash out at others, or to hurt myself anymore. Then, I felt something indescribable and warm welling up
from inside”.

My story August 31, 2016
Vol. 2 Dealing with My Stalker by Ms. Yoshiko Fujimoto, Construction Company Staff, Japan

“He then practically started to monitor every move of my life; I had to email him after
I got up, after work, and then call as soon as I got home. I was even obligated to report
to him when I ate, took a bath and who I talked with”.

My story August 10, 2016
Vol. 1 Get Rid of Those Old Thought Patterns! Partnerships Have Infinite Possibilities! by Saori Miyasaka, Corporate Executive, Japan

“When I was about to file the divorce papers for the third or really the last time, I thought,
I encountered Miross. Only much later, I realized that Miross saved our marriage”.

My story July 20, 2016
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