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Miracles are usually attributed only to divine beings such as saints or so-called spiritual masters. Some people may experience them through faith, prayer or special rituals, but for ordinary people, miracles are considered very rare and special phenomena.


Testimonials presented here are shared by those who experienced miracles in their daily lives as a result of simply applying Miross.

Many have experienced miracles through which their lives have been completely turned around after hitting rock-bottom – for some, even coming to the point of suicide. Some have experienced a domino effect of transformations by family members and friends simply after attaining certain awareness through Miross. There are people who even indicate that what they see now is so completely different that it seems like they are in totally different world or even planet.

Such miracles are possible and real, and you too can experience them.

Vol. 20 Escaping from a negative spiral – We can resolve karma by using Miross! By Ms. Sanae Kuwayama, Housewife, Japan

“My husband had an affair and I was devastated. I tried to commit suicide, but I did not have enough courage of doing so. I decided to live for my child, but despite of this will I had urge of killing or abandoning the child ….”

My story March 3, 2018
Vol. 19with an interview video Reset and re-start your life! By Ms. Miyuki Ogawa, financial planner & internet radio DJ, Japan

“I do wonder what would have happened to my family if we did not encounter Miross.
Probably my husband and I would have gotten divorced and the entire family would have fallen apart. I might not even be alive.”

My story February 8, 2018
Vol. 18 “Liberation from a sense of guilt” By Ms. Midori Fukuda, Nursery Teacher, Japan

“I thought,” why do things never go as I wish, no matter how hard I work?” The Miross system clearly gave the answers to all of my questions about life. By practicing Miross, I discovered that an incident from my past caused all of the twists and turns in my life. ”

My story January 13, 2018
Vol. 17with my video story Ending Depression in an Instant! By Ms. Ueno Kaoru, Vineyard manager, Japan

“During the lecture a thought struck me: “Oh, I determined everything by myself.” Then I suddenly felt my depression lifted instantly. I felt a huge burden lifted from my back. I voiced my thoughts, saying, “My burden disappeared!” I knew my depression was gone. It was surreal.”

My story December 1, 2017
Vol. 16 Transformation of the Life I Had Built on My False Assumptions By Mr. Kenichi Fujii, Company employee, Japan

“I don’t know how many times I attempted committing suicide. I remember I was surfing on the internet looking into different ways to do so. I was also battering my wife and needless to say, our relationship was at worst. It was at this time that I encountered Miross.”

My story October 5, 2017
Vol. 15with an interview video Live in Miross – A new way for marriage By Mr. Satoshi Nakamura, Tax Counsellor & Mrs. Kimie Nakamura, High School Teacher, Japan

“At first glance, work and finances do not seem to have any connection to marital relationships, but in fact, they are closely linked, and the key is found in a partnership. We truly feel that the space between us has unlimited potential.”

My story September 1, 2017
Vol. 14 A Cinderella Story – An Incredible Transformation of a Life By Ms. Sachie Umetsu, Dietitian, Japan

“What good am I?” I was overcome with a sense of emptiness, and I stopped going to school. I began to strongly believe that I was worthless and attempted suicide several times. I was obsessed with dying and disappearing from this world. My father was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago. He then committed suicide as a result. To make it worse, I was totally overwhelmed by a series of difficulties in interpersonal relationships. When I was at a total deadlock, I encountered Miross.”

My story August 1, 2017
Vol. 13with a video presentation Renaissance of the Family by Overcoming Inner Conflicts By Mr. Shinsaku Mikumo, Insurance Agent, Japan

“When I first attended a Miross seminar, I described my daughter’s illness to the participants. That was the first time that I had talked about her problems with people outside the family. To my surprise, the lecturer said, “Everything is fine! There’s no problem!” No one has ever told me such a definitive thing and with so much confidence. It struck me that she actually can be all right and I saw a ray of hope.”

My story June 1, 2017
Vol. 12 Ending the Search for External Light By Ms. Mayu Singaki, House wife, Japan

“Even when I felt that I achieved something, I ended up losing it. Devastated by this repetition of success and failure, I turned to spirituality to find the answer to my life. However, traveling overseas or attending expensive seminars did not change me at all. I hated myself more than ever.”

My story May 1, 2017
Vol. 11with a picture story Experiencing Life Transformation through Bullying By Ms. Hitomi Takayama, Self-employed, Japan

“After graduating from elementary school, I continued to be traumatized by bullying throughout my school years as well as in my workplace. ‘I just want to disappear!’ Eventually I started to consider killing myself, but did not have the courage to take my own life.”

My story April 1, 2017
Vol. 10 Escape from 10 Years’ Depression by Ms. Tomoko Ueno, Business consultant, Japan

“I was soon able to go out of my house on a regular basis. Before I knew, I was freed from the depression that had kept me down for over 10 years. It was so amazing to see the way I was able to transform myself. I was the most astonished at the change in my life.”

My story March 1, 2017
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