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The Ultimate Tool for Humanity at the Threshold of a New Civilization

The Hidden Truth of Humanity - the “Trap of Reversal”
Finally Revealed

New Book Release - Now Available!

Now Available!The First Book in English by Rossco! New Dimensional
Thought Technology
- The Dawning of a New Civilization -

Unveiling the Technology of Love

“What is the New-Dimensional Thought Technology that the title of this book refers to? It is the answer for humanity—the answer that we humans have ceaselessly sought since the dawn of history. Humans have a constant desire to know something or reach somewhere, whether we are aware of it or not. But has anyone ever truly achieved this? I think not. We live in a system in which we cannot obtain what we truly desire. Why do we seem to face one problem after another? Why, despite trying so hard to get what we want and be happy, do we fail to do so? Why, once we think we have it, does it suddenly slip through our fingers? Why? Because this is what we as humans are.”


New Video Release - Now Available!

Now Available!The First Video (VOD) with English sub-titles by Rossco! New-Dimensional Thought Technology - The Dawning of a New Civilization -

Rossco's treasured lecture has finally been released! The world we see has been elevated to the new dimension: the system of Dual-structured Coexistence. The era of humanity's new intelligence has already begun. Now the time has come for you to know the truth. There is no turning back. This DVD is based on Rossco’s special lecture held on June 8, 2014 at the International Conference Center in Kobe, Japan.

Whatever challenges you face,
the answer is already within you.

Miross is a New Dimensional Thought Technology designed
to demystify traps of this world and reveal your unlimited potential.

  • Humanity is on the verge of a new paradigm

  • Achieving your inner balance can transform your life

  • World peace comes from a shift in individual consciousness

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Vol. 18 “Liberation from a sense of guilt” By Ms. Midori Fukuda, Nursery Teacher, Japan

“I thought,” why do things never go as I wish, no matter how hard I work?” The Miross system clearly gave the answers to all of my questions about life. By practicing Miross, I discovered that an incident from my past caused all of the twists and turns in my life. ”

My story
January 13, 2018
Vol. 17with my video story Ending Depression in an Instant! By Ms. Ueno Kaoru, Vineyard manager, Japan

“During the lecture a thought struck me: “Oh, I determined everything by myself.” Then I suddenly felt my depression lifted instantly. I felt a huge burden lifted from my back. I voiced my thoughts, saying, “My burden disappeared!” I knew my depression was gone. It was surreal.”

My video story
December 1, 2017
Vol. 16 Transformation of the Life I Had Built on My False Assumptions By Mr. Kenichi Fujii, Company employee, Japan

“I don’t know how many times I attempted committing suicide. I remember I was surfing on the internet looking into different ways to do so. I was also battering my wife and needless to say, our relationship was at worst. It was at this time that I encountered Miross.”

My story
October 5, 2017
Vol. 15with an interview video Live in Miross – A new way for marriage By Mr. Satoshi Nakamura, Tax Counsellor & Mrs. Kimie Nakamura, High School Teacher, Japan

“At first glance, work and finances do not seem to have any connection to marital relationships, but in fact, they are closely linked, and the key is found in a partnership. We truly feel that the space between us has unlimited potential.”

Our picture story
September 1, 2017
Testimonials Vol. 14 A Cinderella Story – An Incredible Transformation of a Life By Ms. Sachie Umetsu, Dietitian, Japan

“What good am I?” I was overcome with a sense of emptiness, and I stopped going to school. I began to strongly believe that I was worthless and attempted suicide several times. I was obsessed with dying and disappearing from this world. My father was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago. He then committed suicide as a result. To make it worse, I was totally overwhelmed by a series of difficulties in interpersonal relationships. When I was at a total deadlock, I encountered Miross.”

My story
August 1, 2017
Testimonials Vol. 13with a video presentation Renaissance of the Family by Overcoming Inner Conflicts By Mr. Shinsaku Mikumo, Insurance Agent, Japan

“When I first attended a Miross seminar, I described my daughter’s illness to the participants. That was the first time that I had talked about her problems with people outside the family. To my surprise, the lecturer said, “Everything is fine! There’s no problem!” No one has ever told me such a definitive thing and with so much confidence. It struck me that she actually can be all right and I saw a ray of hope.”

My story
June 1, 2017


People’s experiences of miracles are relayed to us every day. You can see what kind of amazing transformations have occurred in people’s lives after simply applying the Miross system. On this website, we introduce and share some of the experiences from thousands of cases that have demonstrated the answer to anything and to help those who may be facing similar situations and issues. See All

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